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As the warm wind blows and I look out upon the ocean…..

Finish the thought. As the warm wind blows and I look out upon the ocean…..
    • I pay homage to Yemoja. Mother of the Yoruba, Goddess of water and it’s aquestrain power.
    • I am reminded of my love for you, how it flows freely and its depth never ending…… 
    • I see the earth shift and I wonder what the lords next move is.
    • I am reminded of our precious time together as we walked the sand and talked all night.
    •  I pray for peace and serenity, strength and prosperity, love that never fades and patience that allows no moment to be taken for granted. I pray this for you and for me.
  • Written by TaMeicka, Laneka, Guana, Carla and April

Reviews of HIGH On Love & Addiction

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5.0 out of 5 stars AAMBC Book Reviews,November 6, 2010
This review is from: High: On Love & Addiction (Paperback)

I definitely found this book difficult to put down. The storyline takes you into the world of a person addicted to drugs and the ones that love the addict. Any reader will be intrigued while reading this book knowing that 2 people have allowed us, the reader, to see what goes on when a person has a chemical addiction and the affect it has on those that love the addicted. Like most addicts, Jeanie thought that she was hiding her drug use from April. As Jeanie’s use escalated, April became torn between her love for her and the reality of their situation. Missing money, lies, and empty promises soon gave way to April leaving. A tragedy brought the two back together. Along with Jeanie’s struggle to stay “clean and sober” through rehabilitation, the two developed a unique way of handling their problem. I am sure anyone reading their story will give their full attention to it. I highly recommend it.

Zandra Barnes
AAMBC Reviewer

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4.0 out of 5 stars Memoir of a painful journey,July 23, 2011
This review is from: High: On Love & Addiction (Paperback)

This book is the weaving of two stories of addiction, the crack nightmare of Jeanie and April. It is also a love story. When they met, neither of them knew what lay ahead. They only knew they wanted to be together. As their relationship developed, it became clear that life would not be a simple progression toward happily-ever-after. Jeanie’s long-standing drug habit became the overriding narrative.

This true life story unfolds in the voices of both women through exposition and diary entries. The combination gives immediacy to their experience as they try to work out their relationship against the backdrop of mistrust, deception, betrayal and disappointment that drug addiction creates. As Jeanie’s descent into addiction becomes worse, April weighs the desire to help her against the necessity of saving her own sanity.

Once the crisis is reached, much of the narrative is contained in the diary of Jeanie’s early sobriety. It captures her plodding determination as well as the dawning realization that a life without drugs doesn’t mean that everything will automatically become wonderful. But it does get better.

I found that sometimes I had trouble knowing who was speaking. That may have been the ecopy of the book I had, but there were times when I had to go back and reread for clarity of the voices. I think this is a unique treatment of the subject, told in both important voices in a realistic, no-nonsense way. I’m recommending this book to friends in recovery.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Book,March 23, 2012
This review is from: High: On Love & Addiction (Paperback)

This book was so difficult to put down after I started reading it. It’s a compelling account of what it is like to beat addiction and to love an addict. This book would give hope to any addict who thinks that he or she cannot fight the disease. I recommend this book to everyone!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational look into love and addiction,August 15, 2011
This review is from: High: On Love & Addiction (Paperback)

So, I spent the afternoon and evening with you, Jeanie, and the book…couldn’t put it down really…thank you for sharing it with the world. Two of my favorite lines…” I do not know when, but someday I will find the strong black woman that I am.” Such power in that statement, yet submissive to life’s journey as well! And the other which I will be adding to my blessings list, ” Its 11pm and someone who cares about me knows where I am” I don’t think I ever acknowledged what an important blessing and gift that is to have.

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Each Time

It’s just a shirt,

  but each time I put it on, I feel you arms wrapped around me.

It’s just a song,

  but each time I hear it, I imagine you singing the lyrics and meaning every word.

It’s just a picture of a flower,

  but each time I look at it I remember the day they were delivered to my job when our love was not only alive, but blossoming.

It’s just a highway sign,

  but each time i see it, I know you’re only a few miles away.

It’s just a book,

  but each time I see its cover, I hear your voice reading expressions of joy.

It’s just a piece of jewelry,

  but each time I wear it, I’m reminded that it’s not just a piece of jewelry but a token of your affection.

It’s just a text message,

  but each time I scroll through my inbox, I know you were thinking of me.

It’s just that

  each time I think of these things, I think of you.

Wish I were there

From the sight of the bridge in the distance that seemed so far away

yet almost close enough to reach out and touch

To the water that smelled and looked oh so calm as the waves were made slightly larger by the motor of the cruise ship

Watching the sun set and the colors of the sky change from blue to orange to almost black

I feel like I have just a piece of heaven

Moments pass

and I feel a cool breeze that takes the sweat and most of my worries away

To the night lights of the city, the sound of ice swirling in glasses and forks touching plates as diners enjoyed meals outside.  These sounds are entertwined by the sounds of music from street musicians.

The sax player, the guitar and harmonica player each play a different song, in a different area.  But from where I stand, I would swear they practiced this piece a million times…together.

Memories formed from such a beautiful and peaceful place

………wish I were there!!!!!


Save the TaTas

As most are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the importance of self breast examination.  Early detection is vital.

I have volunteered at several Breast Cancer walks and runs.  My goal is to actually run in The Women’s Only Run in Greensboro, NC in 2013.  In the past few months I have become acquainted with some wonderful survivors and two organizations that I look forward to working with this year.  Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test and Pink4Chee have both captured my heart.  They aren’t large organizations, but they have large vision.  Please feel free to check them out at and

Slow Wine

You’re my Barefoot Bubbly

Smooth with a lil something extra that surprises me every time

You’re my…slow wine

You’re my Villa Lanata

I think you’ll never change

But when my lips meet you

No two times are ever the same

You’re my…slow wine

You’re my Rivata D’Asti

You supply me with a hint of this and a bit of that

Yet each time, you’re fused together; perfectly

You’re my…slow wine

You’re my Stella Rosa

from the moment we were introduced

I knew I wanted you in my life

You’re a little different than my normal pick, Yet that’s what makes you so special

You’re my…slow wine


And slow…it’s fine

Exactly how – I like my wine.