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Behind on blog. Current on training

I’m going to blame it on the Christmas holiday. Ok, no I really can’t blame it on that. I was off for eight days. I’ve been running (and writing). I just haven’t been sharing. But, I’m getting back on track; today.

Week 4
Day 1 – 64 degrees
This was my favorite training day so far. My sweetie was visiting on my run and joined me. I didn’t go to my first choice because it was hilly and I wanted us to enjoy our first time exercising together. We started with a warm up walk. When that was over, I did intervals and came back to meet up on walk breaks. The weather, the fall leaves and the company were all perfect.
Day 2 – 51 degrees
We went out again together. The weather was cooler and I was in pain after doubling up on my squats challenge yesterday. Two hundred in one day made for a not so pleasant run. The miles were a big obstacle course as we had piles of leaves to maneuver. But, I enjoyed our time on the pavement.
Day 3 – 41 degrees
Oh yeah. This week is gravy. All three training runs are DONE! It’ll be icing on the cake if I add something else. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week.

Week 5
Day 1 – warm weather, I miss you. My love/hate relationship with the treadmill continues.
Day 2 – I dropped my car off to be serviced and the guys asked if I wanted a ride. I declined and said I was going to run home. One of the guys looked at me and said, “You do know it’s only 23 degrees!” I knew the temperature and dressed accordingly. I guess I was super cold. I was running nine minute miles trying to get home.
Day 3 – Happy Thanksgiving. I woke up to very cold weather so I decided I would wait for it to warm up a bit. At 11, it was thirty degrees so I went out to brave the hills of Georgia. My goal was to run the first mile of the hills without stopping. I made it! I saw a few other runners who I guessed were out trying to burn calories before they were consumed.

Week 6
Day 1 – I ran but I didn’t write. Oops!
Day 2 – The day got away from me and then it was night. My waiting made me miss the decent weather and the sun. So, inside to the treadmill for me. Bright side, I got to wear shorts,
Day 3 – 58 degrees
I was excited the night before when I looked at the forecast. I saw that there was a twenty percent chance of rain but thought I’d get lucky and miss it. Nope. Not this time. Treadmill, again.

Week 7
Day 1 – Today was the I RUN This City, walk to warm the community. This was a coat, hat, scarf and glove donation run. Only a few people came to participate, but they gave generously. Over twenty items were collected. The forecast said rain and I hoped it would hold off. That didn’t happen. 2.5 miles in, it was 30 degrees and the rain began. It got to be pretty steady. At the finish, I was cold and wet. But I was overjoyed that my efforts would keep others warm and dry.
Day 2 – I want to break up with the treadmill. To escape another boring run, I decided on a ladder interval workout. It made the time go by quickly and was actually pretty fun.
Day 3 – Time to run. No time to write.

Week 8
I’m still running and I’m on schedule with training but my work schedule is keeping me away from writing.
Day 3 – Walk to Warm the Community – part 2. I was joined by one of my friends doing the Glass Slipper Challenge with me. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Week 9
Day 1 – Tonight’s run was awesome. Not only did I feel great. The temperature was mike and the scenery was amazing. I loved running downtown with all the Christmas lights.
Day 2 – I was sneaking out of work early enough to run with the group so I changed into my running clothes on my lunch break. I had my tights on under my pants. I got out of the car and was ready to run. Almost ready. I had almost forgotten to take off my pants.
Day 3 – 5k at 50 degrees. One whole week outside. Woohoo!

I worked fifty hour weeks so I didn’t bother to write but I did run. I got sick and missed a long run but otherwise, I stayed on track.

I went to Georgia for Christmas and I ran the lovely hills. Five miles, two days. On Christmas day, I completed my virtual race sponsored by RunningNerds. On January 1st, I rang in the New Year with a 5k in Marietta. I placed 8th in my age group. It was a small race with quite a few no shows. But I enjoyed the event and my shirt is cute. Georgia (my frog) got to run her first race. How ironic, it was in Georgia.






I RUN This City…… a Princess (week 3)

Day 1 – 3.1 miles – 35 degrees

I almost wished I had gotten up at 4:30 to join a group run. It was cold and I wanted to sleep in on my one day off. But, by the time I was ready to go, the weather wasn’t just cold, it was wet. Insert unhappy princess in training. This was the second Tuesday in a row that I waited to run in the evening, only to get stuck on the dreadmill due to rain. I was hot. I was bored. My new socks were getting on my nerves as they kept sliding into my shoe. My bra wasn’t being very supportive and earned a new spot in the garbage can. But, on the bright side… 1 is DONE!

Day 2 and 3

This princess has a dry and itchy throat. An annoying cough is yet another symptom. This princess is sick. No training for me.

During my down time, I did come across a training calendar on one of the Princess Half Marathon Facebook pages. The calendar was really nice. It has all the princesses on it with the amount of time or mileage to run. It’s the plan from the run Disney page…..but prettier. I’m ditching everything else I’ve put together. Thanks Jessica Goss.


I RUN This City… a Princess (week 2)

Day 1
Today was a great training day because I was able to get in 4.5 miles with my friends who will be joining me in Orlando. They got a good laugh when I pulled my training partner, Georgia out of my pocket for her photo op. This course has lots of hills but it’s not too terrible, especially when you do it with your sole sisters. My funny for the day was my Nike+ app which read 45.55 miles.

Day 2 – 50 degrees
The run I was hoping for didn’t happen because I waited too late in the day to go. By the time I was ready, it was raining and getting dark. Instead, I went to the dreaded treadmill. I set my interval timer and knocked out three miles. After my run, I did weights. This princess also plans to lose ten pounds by February.

Day 3 – 54 degrees
I started today’s miles with a two mile walk. A new person showed up to the group run who said she just wanted to walk. No problem. Because I didn’t get in the necessary training miles, I added a few after he and I finished. I did 2.5 more miles, all with negative splits.

Week 1

This week’s training plan calls for two days of 30 minute activity and the long run is four miles.

Day 1-3.5 mile run, .5 mile walk. Temperature 67 degrees. 3:30pm
I wasn’t expecting such warm weather on my first day of training. I guess the one thing I should expect about running in North Carolina is not to try to predict the weather. I strapped Georgia to my fuel belt and went on my trek through the neighborhood trail. This is one of my favorite places to run. And today was better than awesome being embraced by the beauty of the changing leaves. I love autumn!

Day 2-long run. Temperature 49 degrees. 5:39am
Today, I joined two runners. We meet weekly for 4-5 miles. Someone thought it would be a good idea to change the route a bit. The change took us on rolling inclines. It was tough but I enjoyed the challenge and the change of scenery. I did 9:1 intervals and went over the four miles a little. A 10k for my training breakfast. Yummy!

Day 3-30 minutes. Temperature : raining
I had to run on the treadmill. I got in a miserable three miles. I really dislike the treadmill.


100 Days to the castle

The countdown begins. In just 100 days, I will be running my second half marathon with three of my sole sisters. I RUN This City… a princess will follow my training week by week as I prepare to conquer 13.1 through the magical course through Disney World. I will be completing the Glass Slipper Challenge which means I will do a 10k on Saturday and the half on Sunday. 19.3 miles back to back in two days. At the end of the weekend, I will be leaving with three medals. Woohoo! On Saturday, I’ll be wearing a Princess Tiana costume and enjoying the atmosphere. This princess is perfect for me as I have collected frogs for years. I also have a mini frog as my training partner. She will go with me and have her picture taken on each run. I couldn’t think of a name for her, so I asked my friends for help. Riblette and Al were the two top choices. But since I didn’t like either name, I’ve decided to go with Georgia. I chose this name because that’s the next state that I plan to live.
I’m following the training plan on the run disney website. This plan has two days of timed runs and one day of a particular distance. As the race gets closer, an additional day is added every other week. I’m also planning to add hill and speed work on alternating weeks, yoga and weight training. Wish me luck!