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How Big Will She Be?

As I take my time to “birth” this baby, I’ll keep you posted as to how “she” grows.  I’m committed to achieving my weekly goal to grow her into something beautiful.

January 25 – she’s 509 words

January 26 – she’s 1644 words

January 27 – she’s 2616 words

January 29 – she’s 3544 words

January 30 – she’s 5169 words

January 31 -she’s 6442 words

February 1 – she’s 7607 words

The first “Trimester”

It’s funny how even though this isn’t my first book, I felt anxious typing the words.  Although I write everything the old fashioned way with pen and paper and I’m not coming up with new material, something about THIS seems so new.  I feel slightly virginal.  Perhaps it’s because it has been almost two years since the release of “HIGH On Love & Addiction”.  Maybe it’s because it’s poetry.  And there’s something about my poetry that makes me feel so exposed.  Even saying that is a bit weird to me.  Nobody has seen or heard what I’ve typed thus far but me.  Who knows?

Anyway, I’m 1 day and 509 words in.  Wish me luck as I continue my journey to “birthing” this baby.

Guess Who’s Expecting? I AM!!!

After many years of contemplating the perfect time to do this, I’ve finally decided that the time is now!  My bundle of joy will be here in less than nine months.  I’m extremely excited about the idea of having a new love in my life.  I know I’m a busy person, but I know I have enough time to give the proper attention that will be required.  I’ll have to put a few things on the back burner as “she” has moved up higher on my list of priorities.  As I await the arrival, I wonder what I’ll name her.  How will she look?  How big will she be?  I’m anticipating some sleepless nights before and after she arrives.  But in the end, I know I’ll adore every moment.

I know I’m getting ready to put in some work….but with each word, each keystroke, each revision; I’ll be closer to “birthing” my baby.  I’m EXPECTING to share with all of you….a collection of poetry.  Please visit for updates on my progress.  I’m excited to share this journey.