What Are You Afraid Of?

What happens when you set a goal? What happens when you see yourself moving in a direction to do something…..different? What happens when you dream big dreams? And what happens when you put thoughts into action? What happens when you work towards accomplishing your goals and dreams? If you’re lucky, the dreams become reality.

Early this morning, I checked my emails (as I often do). I’ve been having an exchange of online communication with someone who holds a key to making one of the visions I put on paper a bit more clear. I could see the first few words of the message and knew that this was the email I’ve been waiting for, but also the email I’m not ready to receive. Once I open it and respond, there’s no turning back. I will determine the speed that things progress. It’s ready or not, the time has come.

Nervous, excited, hopeful. I’m full of these emotions and more. I see some changes coming. This think I’ve dreamed of; the labor is coming to an end. I’m almost ready for birth. Now, to nurture and grow my dreams.

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