Wish I were there

From the sight of the bridge in the distance that seemed so far away

yet almost close enough to reach out and touch

To the water that smelled and looked oh so calm as the waves were made slightly larger by the motor of the cruise ship

Watching the sun set and the colors of the sky change from blue to orange to almost black

I feel like I have just a piece of heaven

Moments pass

and I feel a cool breeze that takes the sweat and most of my worries away

To the night lights of the city, the sound of ice swirling in glasses and forks touching plates as diners enjoyed meals outside.  These sounds are entertwined by the sounds of music from street musicians.

The sax player, the guitar and harmonica player each play a different song, in a different area.  But from where I stand, I would swear they practiced this piece a million times…together.

Memories formed from such a beautiful and peaceful place

………wish I were there!!!!!


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