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Week 6 Day 1

I was happy to have two days off in a row. The rest was much needed.

When I got up to go for my eight mile run, I realized that fall had really sprung into action literally over night. It was only sixty two degrees. I knew that shorts were a no. I pulled my running tights from the bottom of my cooler weather running gear and decided on a short sleeve dry fit. I took a jacket with me and was torn about wether or not I should actually wear it. I ended up deciding no jacket.

I returned to the park to see the waterfalls. It’s so beautiful there. I took the first mile easy. I was happy to hear Nike call out my splits. They were negative up to mile five. Just as I was beginning to feel fatigued, I came across a structure in the park shaped like a heart. My split here ended up being positive because I stopped to take a picture. In my mind, I heard myself saying; “your legs are tired, just run with your heart.” Mile six was almost three minutes faster than mile one. I was so excited that even though I was ready to be done, I knew I’d be happy with the result once I reviewed them. I only had one positive split. That came from a couple that stopped me to ask for directions. Doing so added almost two minutes to my split. I wish I had stopped my app. But it’s ok. My last mile was faster and the whole run was complete in less time that I had given myself to finish. My goal was to take it easy and finish in 2:00:00. My actual time was 1:44:04.

I probably shouldn’t have, but I did….stopped for a cupcake. Salted caramel. I asked for a freshly made cupcake that had less icing. A tasty end to a fabulous run.

Side note….I’m still training but haven’t decided on a race. The thought of thirteen miles in sub thirty degree weather isn’t appealing to me.

Week 6 Day 2

My victory has turned into my defeat. After yesterday’s Rocky reenactment on the stairs, I began to feel pain in my left leg as if I had pulled something. This morning, the pain was a level six. I knew that running was out of the question. Instead, I decided on a moderate pace walk. I got 2.35 miles in. My plan called for six but my body said no.

Week 6 Day 3

My leg doesn’t feel anywhere near as bad as it did yesterday but it’s not totally recovered either. Pain is at a 2.5. Running is slightly uncomfortable but not a complete no. I decided on slow intervals. My plan calls for six miles. My goal is one hour. I’ll go as many miles as I can within that time.
Nike has been bad again. I looked at my mileage on the treadmill and it said .90 while my app said .35. In my mind I’m screaming. This run is already a struggle. Get the damn mileage right!!!!!
I ended up with five miles. This puts me less than one mile under where I should be for the week. Tomorrow will be an early morning as I need to get my five in before picking up the rental car to travel to my friend’s wedding.

Week 6 Day 4

I’m taking an unscheduled rest day. My leg still isn’t 100% and I’ve decided to run with my friends who are training for a marathon. They’re planning eighteen miles. This will be my longest distance ever.

Week 6 Day 5

We woke up a little later than planned. Kat likes oatmeal and coffee before a run, so we stopped at McDonalds. I had a plain bagel. We met Pam and started our journey. The first few miles, my leg hurt a little but I was determined to get it done.

Mentally, I felt strong. I think I burned additional calories laughing with the girls during our walks. At mile 13, I treated myself to a shot of vanilla gu. I don’t think it gave me more energy, but it kept me going. At mile 15, I had to take a detour to meet up with a few people. After my quick meeting, I continued my trek for 18. I did laps around the parking lot before heading to meet my girls. I met them on the trail. We stopped to take pictures at a pumpkin patch and resumed our run. Upon returning to the car, Kat gave us all a treat…..cheesecake. It was amazing.

The hardest part about the run wasn’t actually the run. It was getting out of the car and climbing the stairs.

Of course they mentioned if I could do 18, I could do a full. Still not interested in 26.2

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