My Legs Hate Me

Week 7/12 Day 1

I’m at the halfway mark. Today, I’m supposed to do five miles. Instead, I only got in a one mile recovery walk. I’m so exhausted from the weekend.

Week 7 Day 2

I dropped my car off to get an oil change and walked to the park to get in my eight miles. I set the interval to 3:1. On the first run, my legs suggested today wasn’t a good day. I thought that maybe I just needed to stretch more and warm up longer. That wasn’t the case. I think my legs hate me for doing eighteen miles and they’re taking a break. I tried running again a few times and could only muster a jog.

It must’ve been senior citizen day at the park. They all walked passed me saying, “good job”, “keep it up” and “looking good”. One senior did walk by and said something different, ” Is that all you’ve got? Go faster!” All I could do was laugh.

I completed a little over three miles before going to retrieve my car. When I stopped my app, I realized how close I was to 150 miles for the month. So, I decided….run, jog, walk or crawl, I would reach that milestone today.

I went back out for round two. I was in a new area and unbeknownst to me, my evening activity would turn into a hill workout. When I turned the corner to my new found route, all I could see were rolling hills. I had two choices….do it or don’t. Of course, I chose do. It was eighty two degrees so I knew I needed to take it easy. There wasn’t much shade so I used landmarks to run. My pain was less than earlier and my pace was a little faster. My legs were nowhere near 100 percent but I was determined to reach 150 miles for the month. When the water bottles on my fuel belt were empty, I decided to head back. When I stopped my app and looked at my total, I realized I was .05 away from my goal. Everyone knows what I did. I got that .05 and did the 150 dance.

How does one celebrate reaching such a milestone? One glass of wine and twenty five minutes in fire and ice Epsom salt.

Week 7 Day 3

I’m changing my training plan a bit. I’m supposed to do six miles. My body is telling me to rest. So, I’m going to listen. No running today.

Week 7 Day 4

I decided to start my day with a one mile walk to see if my legs had decided to be friends with me again. They have moved from hating to just disliking me. I should be able to do my five miles tomorrow. I have 14 on Saturday and 18 next Saturday. It’s all downhill from there. I will certainly try a different recovery after the 18 miles. Ice bath city. And it should also help that I’m attending a street festival so I will get to continue to stretch my legs soon after. I also intend to do a recovery walk on Sunday and Epsom salt if I feel any discomfort.

What did I learn from completing that crazy mileage? I have reconfirmed that I have NO desire to do a marathon. Do I think I could do 26.2? Absolutely!!! But I can only imagine the recovery for that distance. No thanks. 13.1 is enough for me.

Week 7 Day 5

Nothing has gone according to my training plan this week. But, today I actually exceeded my training miles. My goal was to swap my five miles meant for today with my fourteen for tomorrow. That almost happened. I went to the treadmill. I knew that The Amazing Race would keep me company. When I took my hiatus from tv, I had missed a few shows. It was nice to watch a show about a race while I was running. I’ve always wanted to go on the show and race around the world. The only reason I’ve not submitted the paperwork is because I couldn’t find a suitable partner. I think that has changed now. I’m going to make Kat watch it next week when she visits and see if she’d like to go with me.

The run went well. My discomfort was at a 1. I ran during the show and walked during commercials. When Amazing Race went off, I turned to a show I used to watch often; America’s Next Top Model. I realized that the commercials for this show was longer so I just ran until I was ready to stop. After over two hours on the ‘mill, I had completed over eleven miles for the day.

I was happy to come in the house to stretch and enjoy a low fat chocolate milk. During my stretches, I added a few yoga poses and was excited that I executed a perfect tree pose. After the stretching, came the ice bath. It was cold, yet refreshing. When I put my pajamas on, I decided to elevate my legs. Keys see how I feel tomorrow.

Note to self. When I realized Tuesday that the pavement was a struggle, I wish it had crossed my mind to try the softer surface of the treadmill. Tomorrow, I’m trying the pavement again.

Week 7 Day 6

It’s always nice to explore new territory to run. Sharon and I took to the pavement at Upward Sports Complex. I had been told that the perimeter of the building would give me a perfect 5k. We didn’t quite follow the course and ended up on a private road that gave us great inclines and three beautiful lake front homes to view. I wondered who lived there, if they gave out the good candy for Halloween and how amazing Christmas decorations could look.

We didn’t do much running, but we did get in five miles.

I liked the course and I know I’ll go again to get in some hill training. Running there will be a challenge, but when I put my mind to tackling it…’s going to be awesome!

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