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ASSIGNMENT:  Each participant will choose from a bowl the name of a person that attendees should be familiar with.  Participants will spend 15 minutes writing a journal entry as if they were that person.

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Today is October 25th 2011. I slept in today because I was  tired.  I asked for no phone calls because.  When I did finally get up it was back to business as usual. i have so much stuff on my plate at times i feel like i need a personal asst but who knows if that would work out i would just end up doing it myself.i know i need to work on getting pics for my web page because my boot camp leader told me i need more to go on my website he told me i need to get on the ball.i was like yeah yeah i know i i held a class last week and it was nasty outside all wet and stuff but my friend came up anyway and hung out with me and even sold cupcakes at the class and gave some away.i just love helping people that help themselves.i have asked everyone to please start posting what you wrote in class so people can see what goes in the classes i hold.i have to go to work tomorrow you know land of the smiles is what i call it i love making people smile i bring the joy out of them.after a long day at work i love coming to the cave to relax and have me a nice glass of wine and add to my cork screw collection only if you know me would you understand that one lol.i have a stack of books that i need to read its on my to do list i am trying to support so many authors that i forget sometimes about all the books i have already but hey i can do this just watch my words lol.i want to do another book signing event and get more authors out there to introduce themselves and their work because ‘ who i am helping people who help themselves and i feel people need feed back.its coming to the end of breast awareness this month i hope next year i can do more in the community to help people to raise more money for this event.i will do whatever it takes to make it a big success next year.i cant wait for a couple more days so i can get some much needed rest and my slurpee yay me a get away i well deserve to let my brain rest but everyone knows me i never rest i even think in my sleep only me huh no everyone does it not just me.
Thanks for sharing your vision of a day in the life of Author April Joy Bowden.  Strangely, quite accurate.
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