Each Time

It’s just a shirt,

  but each time I put it on, I feel you arms wrapped around me.

It’s just a song,

  but each time I hear it, I imagine you singing the lyrics and meaning every word.

It’s just a picture of a flower,

  but each time I look at it I remember the day they were delivered to my job when our love was not only alive, but blossoming.

It’s just a highway sign,

  but each time i see it, I know you’re only a few miles away.

It’s just a book,

  but each time I see its cover, I hear your voice reading expressions of joy.

It’s just a piece of jewelry,

  but each time I wear it, I’m reminded that it’s not just a piece of jewelry but a token of your affection.

It’s just a text message,

  but each time I scroll through my inbox, I know you were thinking of me.

It’s just that

  each time I think of these things, I think of you.

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