The Ornament

It’s the holiday season and I’ve already put up my Christmas tree.  I’ve gotten feedback from many people saying it’s too soon to begin my celebration.  I think I’m right on time.  During the holiday season when family and friends are beginning to spend more time together, I see less of the people I care the most about.  Behind the camera, I’m already capturing holiday memories.  Working 6 and 7 day work weeks make it difficult and not so much fun to put up a tree Thanksgiving weekend when I’m already worn out.

When I was seven or eight,  my Sunday School teacher gave us all an angel ornament with our name in gold.  I was excited to put my angel on the tree.   Each year when Christmas was over, my angel would be wrapped for protection until the next year.  Every time, I unwrapped my ornament, I was excited to put it on the tree.  As I graduated high school, I would still go home to look for my angel.  Some years, she was easy to find.  Others, it was a scavenger hunt.  Over 20 years have passed and on the rare occaision that I am able to go home, the first thing I do when I see the tree is look for my angel.  

Now that I’m an adult who happens to be a photographer, my ow tree is adorned with portraits of loved ones.  This year, my nephew’s squeal as he found his picture on the tree instantly took me back to the first appearance of my angel on the tree.

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