The art of letting go

A good friend of mine has been telling me for over a year that I couldn’t get what I wanted in my life because my hands were too full.  I carried past pain (my mother’s death, my brother’s death, my father’s death).  I carried past failures (not doing as well in school as I could have, not living where I thought I wanted to live, not pursuing a military career, not having children).  I carried relationships that didn’t work or weren’t good for me. 

I gave so much of myself; my love, my time and my money to people who didn’t appreciate, who abused privileges and who didn’t deserve or didn’t know how to fully receive what I had to offer.

I busied myself with all the things that I enJOYed.  I worked six/seven day work weeks.  I participated in more events than I really had time for.  I joined this group and that.  I was physically everywhere and mentally hardly anywhere.  I found time to breathe and rest only when I was asleep.

For years I held on to so much.  Some of what I carried, I held on to just so my load was so high it covered some other things.  So high and managed that on the outside, people could only see what I allowed them to see.  Being honest with myself, some of these things I still carry.  But today, I have discovered “The art of letting go”.  I’ve cried, I’ve prayed, I’ve surrendered.  Today, “I Give Myself Away”.  And it feels so good!

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