Finding JOY at the end of a rainbow

There’s something about a rainy day that slows me down.  If I don’t have to go out, I usualy won’t.  I enJOY watching the rain fall from the inside.  There’s somehing so serene about knowing that the water will wash some things away and at the same time quench the thirst of others.  Today’s rain was just enough that I didn’t mind going out.  And I must say having non chemically treated hair has allowed me to enJOY the rain a bit more.  Should a few drops fall upon my twists or curls, I don’t panic.

As a child, whenever the rain would stop, the first thing I’d do was look for a rainbow.  If I saw one in the sky I’d say a silent prayer and if I saw one on the ground I’d jump on it and make a wish.  This long standing tradition remains.  When the rain stopped, I looked as far as my eyes could see for a rainbow.  With skies still overcast, there were no rainbows to see.  As I walked, I searched the ground for a rainbow.  What I found, were several rainbows.  Today, instead of jumping upon any of them, I reached for my 3rd eye to capture the visions of beauty.  Today, I thought about what I’d wish for standing on top of the rainbow.  I decided I’d leave the rainbow unwished upon by me.  Instead I would allow someone else to make a wish.  Today, I didn’t need the wish.  For I’m feeling so much JOY at the end of my own personal rainbow.

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