My First Love

The WRITE Stuff (The poetry edition); held Tuesday, February 7th at The Vino Shoppe; High Point.

Assignment: Write about your first love using any style of writing. It can’t be a person and you can only use the area on a small heart shaped doilie.  Participants made the space work.  Some wrote very small.  Others chose to use front and back.

Keep reading to find out about several first loves:

My first love allowed me to be anyone I wanted to be or change my location.  With just one word, I could be whatever I wanted to be and have whatever I wanted to have.  I could brush elbows with anyone I wanted.  I was in control of my destiny with just one thought.  My first love was….my imagination.

I found her by accident.  She drew me providing fulfillment to a void and I welcomed her.  She flowed to the rhythm of my whims and allowed me to manipulate her into any form as I saw fit without question.  I will always love her and have never been the same.  Ode to my first love…Madame Poetry.

My first love comforts me when bored, stressed, hungry, after a drunken night, after sex, midnight craving, for fellowship or for fun.  My first love….food.

I awoke on Christmas morning to find my first love under the Christmas tree. When I pulled her chord, she said little phrases.  She had curly hair and wore a red velvet dress.  I had dreamed all year of finding her there and I was not disappointed.  I held her close to me as any six year old would.  My first love…Chatty Kathy.

As long as I can remember, it’s always been a part of my life.  When I was a kid and there was no music, I made my own.  Singing nursery rhymes and making my own beats using my feet.  I was so in love with music that by the time I was 15, I slept with my radio on through the night. My favorite genre then was R&B.  It still is.  My first love…music.


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