Like a thief in the night, you entered unexpectedly.  I didn’t know what you wanted during your “home invasion”.  I just hoped that as I tried to hide, silently holding my breath; that you would leave me unharmed.  You worked quickly as I’m sure this wasn’t your first time in a “home” even though you were new to my neighborhood.  As you rummaged through my things, you were unsure what you’d find.  Electronics, cash and gold didn’t appear to be what you were looking for.  When you stumbled upon my most valuable jewel, you took a moment to study it, to determine its value.  Before you removed my jewel from my “home”, you wanted to be sure you knew what you wanted to do with it, make sure it wasn’t too heavy to hold.  Once you decided it would be as valuable to you as it was to me; you decided that you really did want it for yourself.  I can remember hiding quietly in the closet, thinking that you didn’t know I was there.  As you came closer to my hiding spot, I crouched lower until you opened the door and asked me to come out.  A bit nervous, you promised not to hurt me.  I figured I’d take a chance….and trust you.  You introduced yourself as the Bandit of Exclusivity.  And unlike most thieves, you didn’t just take what you wanted and flee.  You asked kindly for my most precious jewel.  I looked deep into your eyes and said, “You can only have it under one condition.”  I read your mind without you saying a word.  You wanted to know the condition.  “The condition”, I replied; “is that you can have this jewel as long as you promise to care of it.  As soon as you decide that it’s not worth as much to you as it is to me, you must return it.”  You agreed to cherish my jewel.  My jewel….is my heart!

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