A little sister is on the way too

I’ve always known that should I decide to have a little one that it would really have to be at least a little two.  Growing up with siblings that got on my nerves, I’ve always been more grateful to have someone to bug me than to be solo.  It was never fun being blamed for things I didn’t do, but I grew to appreciate how life would come full circle when it was time to do the blaming.

Pushing out this second “baby” is going to be more difficult than her sibling.  I’ll have to keep my mind and body in perfect harmony to handle being the single parent to two babies so close together in age.

I found out nine days ago that I have a new respect for parents who “birth” children similar to my other child.  I took my first trip to a new birthing room.  This room was a lot smaller than my other room, it was soundproof and my other “birthing coach” never left my side.  This room was cool and noisy, yet somehow also very serene.  As the music played in the background, I was instructed to listen for a minute, feel the beat and begin”pushing” whenever I was ready.  With the headphones attached and a microphone three inches away from my mouth, with my scratchy, getting over a cold voice, I spoke sweetly about my first love.  The feeling I had when I heard my own voice over the music and through the speakers was beyond amazing.  I had recorded the first demo track for baby number 2…..my poetry CD.

I pray that she also  enters the world before fall 2012.  This process won’t be easy, but she’s so worth it to me.  I plan to do whatever I need to do to see her here safely.

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