The Hunt

After moving away from my family and missing several holidays, I started to create my own traditions to get everyone together.  As a full time photographer, it’s often difficult for me to get away during the holiday season when I am capturing memories for everyone else.  For Christmas, I started a Christmas Eve Eve celebration.  This event would take place on December 23rd.  Everyone would come to the house and stay up all night eating junk, laughing and playing games.  On the morning of the 24th, we’d all wake for breakfast and gift exchange.  By noon, everyone was on the way home or to visit the in-laws, or to the significant others house.  I often spent the actual Christmas day doing something quiet, but it was nice to have already had my Christmas fix.  For Easter, I reserved a shelter at a local park and held a picnic and egg hunt.  There are usually two hunts, one for the children and one for the adults.  I think the children had as much fun hiding the eggs from the adults as they did looking for their own eggs.  This year, the hunt won’t be happening as my normal weekend to do the hunt (the weekend after) is already booked with other things (as id the rest of the month).  Looking forward to the hunt of 2013.  It’s going to be bigger and better than all the others combined….get ready!

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