Lights! Camera! Action!

As a photographer for the past fifteen years, I tend to prefer to be the one BEHIND the camera.  Last year I was given the gift of a photo shoot.  I arrived at the site with excitement and slight nervousness.  I found that for anything other than snapshots, I don’t do well in front of the lens.  Perhaps it’s my desire to be in control.  When I arrived at Lady Bizness, I expected great conversation with owner Chisa Pennix as we discussed upcoming events (The WRITE Stuff and her business branding summit) .  I even expected her to ask to take a picture.  I wasn’t expecting her to pull out a camera to record a video. I usually hate being captured on live video more than I hate taking direction for a still shot.  After sitting for an interview, I looked at the video and it wasn’t so bad after all.  My first live video was posted on you tube and Facebook last week.  And I survived being in front of the camera.

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