Holding her for the first time

May 24, 2012.  I knew she was coming home today.  She was being delivered by UPS.  They usually come early, so imagine my disappointment when I went home for lunch and she wasn’t there.  I called to track her progress in travel.  To my dismay, no information.  As the day got later, i had given up on seeing her.  When I returned to my residence after six, I was pleased to see a yellow and brown paper attached to my door, but was slightly disappointed because I was certain that the note said, “Will try again tomorrow”.  Under normal circumstances I would have cursed at what it said.  “Package is on the deck”.  Times are hard, people steal.  If my package wasn’t there, trouble was coming.  I looked, and like a baby bird place delicately, there she was.  Covered in brown with my name on her.  I opened her and held her in my arms.  From the moment I saw her, I loved her. 

Now that I had seen her, it was time to celebrate.  I went to run two miles with Black Girls Run and then dinner with a friend.  She cooked baked chicken, twice baked potatoes, green beans and rolls.  We toasted my new arrival and her new job with a few glasses of sweet red wine.

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