Hidden Treasure

This morning as I was digging through boxes to find things for my niece, I unwrapped an item that had been in a box for almost for years. I realized how long my treasure had been resting peacefully when I looked at the date of the newspaper; September 2, 2007. As I removed each piece, I was pleasantly reminded of each item. I remembered the gift giver of almost every piece. One item, in particular; drew me in. It was very small and wrapped extra tight. I knew it was important because, unlike some of the other pieces; this one was wrapped with extra care. As i pulled the last piece open, I was filled with emotion as a tiny tea cup and saucer were revealed. Imagine a piece that a young girl would use in a big doll house (too big for Barbie, but perfect for a Baby Alive). As a young child, I admired this piece on my Grandmother’s whatnot shelf. Every visit I picked up the teacup and knew that one day I would have to have it. I asked my grandmother where it came from. She didn’t seem to remember who gave it to her or if she purchased it herself. She just knew it was old. There were more things on that shelf than I ever cared to count and I don’t know what it was about that teacup that I admired so much. When I graduated high school, I had gotten enough courage to ask Grandma for that teacup. She laughed as she asked why i wanted it. I told her I wanted something at home to think of her. She replied; “Well you pick it up every time you come here. If you promise to take care of it, I guess you can have it.” I promised I would treasure it forever. Twenty years and over a dozen moves, my treasure is still in tact as well as my memories of my Grandmother.

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