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Hi, my name is Vickie and I’m an addict.

I missed my high school prom because I was behind the bleachers getting high.

I had several children while I was out there.  They were taken from me and put into Child Protective Services.  I was told that they had no chance of coming home.

I tried several times to get clean.  In 1989, I started going in the rooms (attending 12 step meetings).  I began dating and then married my detox counselor.  We both went back out to the streets.

When I became sick and tired of being sick and tired, I gave quitting another try.  I found comfort while attending AA meetings.  It was suggested that I give NA a try.  I’m so glad to have taken that advice.  I haven’t looked back since.

Once clean again, I got my children back and got married.  I was doing well, but something in my spirit wasn’t sitting well.  “I relied on the power of the God of my own understanding asking Him to show me what was going on.”  It was revealed to me that my husband was molesting my children.  He was convicted and sent to prison.  Through the uncertain times of this situation, a neighborhood “daughter” was able to see justice served for the crime of child molestation.  She then gained the courage to come forward and have her abuser convicted as well.

My children are high scholl graduates and college students.  I have instilled in them the need to be victors and not victims and that they don’t have to become statistics because of their past circumstance.

I have experienced birth and death in recovery.  I have learned to put my problems in a bag, take them to a meeting and leave them.  There is nothing that happens that’s so bad I have to pick up and use.

The best thing I have experienced in recovery is the unification with my children and having the ability to travel.  I found peace and serenity at the NA World Convention in Hawaii.

Hi, my name is Vickie.  “I am who I am!”  I’m a single 43 year old.  I’m a student working towards my Associate Degree in Human Services.  I aspire to earn a Doctoral Degree in medical social work where I can help children born with addiction.  I also desire to host a prom for recovering addicts who also missed their high school prom.  “I am responsible for who I am in and out of the rooms.”

I have been clean since October 19, 1994.

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Category: The Faces of Recovery

  1. Mike Logan (): Hi Vickie, Your goals in regard to the prom and your career are very inspiring...and I love the peaceful but determined tone of your post. Mike
  2. Vickie Honeybee Jones (): God is so good, Thank you so very much for sharing a snippet of my story. I pray that people read and hear something that allows them to grow.