Getting My Electronic “House” in Order

I’m sure most people have several email accounts.  There’s the Hotmail that you started in high school.  You now use this account for junk.  There’s the first Yahoo account you created that has an interesting user name;  (mysorority0392, lovemycollegeteam, itsgettinhotinhere, nomoredrama, etc).  You still use this account, but only to keep up with old friends and various updates.  You rarely give this email address to the new people you encounter.  There’s the firtname.lastname account you created because it was time to get serious about your future.  It was time to submit resumes and clearly you could not approach a potential employer with anything that stated your email address was (that’s was actually on a resume that I received from a candidate).  There’s the gmail account because you needed something new when it was introduced.  And there’s the

I have all of those.  I’m usually afraid to look in my Hotmail account.  I go there so infrequently that I know when I do finally check it, I’m overwhelmed by the 5000 emails.  I usually browse through and just delete everything because it’s usually all junk.

Yesterday, I took the time to sift through my multiple accounts and clean house.  This took a few hours.  My most active, still useful and informative address indicated that my inbox had over 999 messages.  I started by typing store names in the search box that I receive too much communication from.  I then unsubscribed from email alerts and deleted all the messages from each store.  I then used other search words to delete batches of emails at once.  I had gotten my inbox down to 600 messages.  I thought, surely if I have 600, I’ll never exceed 1000 again with daily maintenance.  However; I knew that although this job was becoming very tedious, there was more work to be done.  I sifted through more emails (some that dated back to 2007) and ended my task happy that I had cleared my inbox to 347 messages.  There’s probably another one hundred I could delete, probably should delete.  But, those messages are important to me.  I must hold on to them just a little while longer.

My name is April and I’m an email hoarder.  There I did it.  I took the first step and admitted it was a problem.  I even took the second step and worked to do something about it.  Now, I just need to work to keep the clutter down and delete often.  Wish me well.  I’m hoping to keep my electronic “house” in order.

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