500 Mile Challenge

On December 21, 2012, I completed the first 500 miles of my personal goal to log 1,000 miles by my 40th birthday.  That night, I decided that I didn’t want to run the last 500 alone.  So, I invited perfect strangers to join me in a 500 mile challenge.  I posted the challenge on my “I RUN This City” page.  In the beginning, people were slow to join.  I think there were two reasons for that.  1.  I RUN This City had only been around for two months and there were less than 100 followers on the page at the time.  2. I think people were waiting to “start” when they began a New Year’s Resolution.  Today, there are ninety three people participating and #team500 has collectively logged almost 5000 miles.  Throughout the challenge, mini challenges and contests are done to keep participants motivated.  Prizes are also awarded.  We all like getting little trinkets in the mail.

Stop by I RUN This City from time to time on Facebook to check on the progress of the participants.

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