Self Checkout

I’m not a fan of the self checkout option in stores because I feel that if everyone chooses to use the machines that eventually there won’t be any real people to help bag items, answers questions or even say hello.

Today, I went in a store and all of the cashier lines had chains and signs that read closed.  The only option was the self checkout.  I had only chosen this store because I wanted a “different” shopping experience.  Although, this wasn’t what I had in mind.  As I began to scan my items and place them in the bag, it seemed that after every third item the machine alerted me to call the attendant.  I was glad I didn’t have very many items.  But I had enough for this to become quite annoying.  This slowed my self checkout down quite a bit and I thought that if the attendant had to keep coming over anyway, the store could have just had her at a register to check me out.  When it was time to pay, I ran my card through the machine only to be instructed to go to the attendant to sign my receipt.  Well, the attendant had seemed to disappear.

This self checkout was not fast, nor efficient.  Although I am still a fan of that particular chain, I will not be revisiting that location.  If the other locations move to this method,  I will eliminate shopping the chain all together.

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