Meet Kisa

Hi, my name is Kisa and I’m an addict.

I’ve had enough years of negative, so today I will focus on the positive.

Through God and NA, I’m no longer in the grips of the disease of addiction.  Motivated today by applying spiritual principals embodied in the 12 step programs, my life is changed today.  I am not cured, I am delivered.  As a result, I open myself up to be used as a vessel to help the still suffering addict by sharing experience, strength and hope in the hopes thay they too can be released from the deadly disease.

“If I had written a list of the things I wanted to happen in my life when I started this journey, I would have cheated myself.” 

My God has blown my mind and I never knew that I could experience the many gifts that attached to me by finding a new way to live.  I am forever grateful that I was chosen to go through the horrors of addiction because without it I would not have a God or sobriety.

My advice to newcomers is go to meetings, get a home group and a sponsor.  Change people, places and things.  Get numbers from people in recovery AND use them.  “Always remember, if you don’t pick it up it won’t get in you.  We do recover.”

Hi, my name is Kisa.  I have been clean since September 21, 1990.

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