48 degrees today, 29 tomorrow

Day 1
It has been 13 days since my feet has seen the pavement. I don’t think there is a word grand enough to describe how good it felt to be off of the treadmill with modest weather and the bonus of other runners. I think my body was in shock. I enjoyed the feeling of the fresh air brushing my face. The sounds of the city were a sweet melody and the pitter patter of the group’s feet kept me smiling the whole way.

The fresh air filled my lungs and I felt alive. North Carolina weather is constantly inconsistent so I knew that I needed to take advantage of the heat wave. I keep hearing about a polar vortex that’s supposed to bring cold weather back. I’m sure I’ll be back inside sooner than later.

Day 3
When my alarm sounded at 6am, I looked at the temperature on my phone. It indicated that the outside temperature was only twenty nine degrees. I got dressed anyway so I could run with people again. Adding the facts that it was still dark and the wind, the cold was bone chilling.
I was properly dressed for the cold, but the wind was another story. The tips of my touch screen gloves worked for my hand and three of my fingers. The thumb and pointer which have the touch screen fabric were freezing.
I was too happy that I decided at the last minute to wear a scarf. It worked well as a shield to keep the wind off of my face.
I looked like a running ninja to myself. I’m sure I looked like a robber to the people driving past.

It was frigid….but, I did it!


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