Running in Georgia with Georgia

I found myself back in Georgia with a plate that seemed full, yet empty. I had a lot on my mind and my heart was quite heavy. Running was the last thing I wanted to do, but the thing I knew I needed to do.

I dressed and laced up for one of my last Georgia training runs. I tried to get the male child to go with me but he said it was too cold and he was going to the gym. Secretly, I think he’s afraid of not being able to keep up with a woman twenty one years his senior. As much as I thought I wanted the company, I found serenity in my solitude.

I had been playing around with intervals for race day. Today, I decided on 6:1. The first few miles were grueling as I tackled hills that today felt like mountains. Every uphill, I tried to remind myself would be a downhill on the way back.

Every mile felt like a minor victory. On the way back, I felt overjoyed to be closer to the finish than the start.

One more month to go.

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