13.1 – on the ‘mill

Do I I wait and hope for the sun? Or do I go now and get it over with? This was my dilemma as the thought of twelve miles on the treadmill was dreadful. The weather forecast promised sunshine and great running temperature for outside running later in the day. After an hour of deliberation I finally convinced myself to seize the moment. Good or bad weather, I knew the longer I waited, the harder it would be.

I set my intervals on 5:55/:55 and set out to conquer the feat ahead if me. This morning the tv made for great company, as I listened to a few sermons. The first hour went by quickly. When the clock on the treadmill got to ninety one minutes, I got a little excited. I knew the machine only went to 99:99. The thought of “outrunning” the treadmill made me smile. After resetting the ‘mill, time seemed to go slower and slower. I was hot. The tv was no longer keeping me entertained. I was just ready to be done.

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, I got some electronic words of encouragement from my running buddies.

A strange thing happened at 13.1 miles. I wanted to keep going. I stopped my watch to record my time and proceeded to do my cool down. Fifteen on the treadmill. This princess is ready!

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