Run With Your Heart

The last few weeks have been rough. There are so many things going on in my life and around me that seem to be draining me of my energy. Physically and emotionally, I’m tired. When the alarm clock sounds to run, I just want to sink deeper into the blankets. If a night run is planned, I could come up with a millions reasons to wait til tomorrow. Fortunately, each time my mind says, ” not now” or my body says, “this can wait”; my heart screams louder, “Get it together. You can do this. We can do this!”
Each day that my heart roared louder and I laced up my shoes, I was able to leave some of my worries behind. I s able to dig a little deeper and turn “I can’t” to “I did!”
Life gets hectic and stressful sometimes. For those days, find something you enjoy doing. Ignore the voices in your head and replace the noise with a louder voice. Go, do it (RUN) with your heart!

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