Mind Over Matter

Week 2/12 Day 1

I felt extremely refreshed after my rest day. I got out of bed with the expectation of an amazing run. I parked my car at one of my normal running spots but decided I’d alter my route to keep it interesting. What I found when I turned left instead of going straight were beautiful brick houses in a neighborhood still being developed. I pictured myself living in one of the houses. The other thing I found on my newly explored route….hills. I was half happy and half sad at my discovery. I had to laugh at the irony of it all. I had just asked members of the local running group where I could find some hills to run. Leave it to me to find them on my own. This was a great start to my second week.

Week 2 Day 1

Today’s run would be the second longest of the week. Six miles. One mile warm up, three miles 4:1 intervals, easy two mile cool down. I was excited about this run. I had gotten a good night of rest, I was properly hydrated and I was ready to rock it. It was already really warm and sunny when I got up so I took my run to the gym. I did my first mile with ease. The intervals went well. I was giving 100 percent. When I was down to just two miles to go, I was elated to have done such a great job but annoyed that my app hadn’t given any updates. I looked at my phone and my spirit was shattered. My app read 1.68 miles. I could’ve cried and I wanted to just end the run. I’m usually the positive one in the group, the one that gives everyone else the brighter side. Now, I needed to be that person for myself. I told myself, at least the treadmill had calculated it. I was upset but I kept going. Week 2 Day 1 had some technical issues but it was done.

Week 2 Day 3

Easy breezy was what I had in my mind. I could knock five miles out in a little over an hour. It was mind over matter. I struggled to get out of bed. I knew today was about distance and not speed. I just needed to get it done. I kept laying there and it kept getting later. Wednesday is not the day to play around with time, because I don’t have much extra to spare. For the past year, my Wednesdays have been filled for thirteen hours each week. The option of after work just isn’t an option. Just when my own voice was trying to assure myself that I’d figure out how to get it done much later today or make it up on Sunday, another voice came chiming from the bathroom that said, “You’re going to kick yourself later if you miss this run.” Sometimes it’s nice to get a second opinion. Aside from the race training, my goal of one hundred miles this month is just ten miles and three days away. As much as I would’ve preferred to lay there for another hour, I was happy to just go and be done.

Week 2 Day 4

What comes in a close second to rest day? A short miles day. I was dancing a jig in my head at the thought of “just” three miles. We started at 5:30 and enjoyed great run chat. I was surprised to see so many people out so early. I was also happy that I had on my headlamp. Places that were usually lit had lights out and was dark. After finishing my three miles, I went to fill up my tank. While I was pumping I synced my run an realized I was less than 1.5 miles away from reaching my 100 miles in August goal. What does a runner do when they’re that close and still have three hours until work? They go and tackle that mile plus. Thirteen more miles to complete training this week. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Week 2 Day 5
I didn’t have anywhere pressing to be until later in the day, so I slept in longer than usual. I got out of bed refreshed and ready to tackle my five miles. When I arrived at the trail, I started my app and was more excited. I had one less mile to do than I thought. Win!!!! I decided I’d run the entire time to get to the turnaround. This worked well. In my mind, the quicker I finished, the sooner I’d be able to shop for a bridesmaid dress. After the turnaround, my mind shifted gears. I was initially so focused on my turnaround that I ignored the temperature. I looked at my phone and realized that the temperature was increasing. As it went up, my energy and my water went down. I was happy to be closer to finish than to start. I got back to the car completely on E. No energy and no water. It was too darn hot. My cool shower was amazing. Sleeping in has been nice and necessary. I haven’t gotten in bed before midnight any this week. I’ve been staying up with my son who is leaving for the Navy next month. One day I’ll be training for a race in whatever city he’s stationed. If I’m lucky, he’ll even run it with me. Probably ahead of me, but shhhhhh, don’t tell him I said that. Any time we discuss running, I swear I can beat him.

Week 2 Day 6
Eight miles. I can do this. It has been quite a few months since I’ve done this distance. But I was mentally prepared to do it. I was happy one of my sole sisters decided to join me. She hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before and warmed me that this probably wouldn’t be a fast run. I was ok with that. Today, Nike told me to “just do it”. We took to the trail just after sunrise and had great conversation along the way. After 4.5 miles, we had run the entire length of the trail. She decided she was done for the day and I continued for round two. I was excited to go about a mile down to be greeted by a woman who has seen me on the first trip. She commended me for hitting the trail a second time. It was a little lonely running by myself but by this time, more people had come out so I wasn’t really alone. I did notice everyone wearing Clemson orange. I’m a fan of college sports but don’t have a favorite team. I was told in North Carolina I needed to choose a team and be loyal. When I was in Durham, my choices were Duke, NC State or Carolina. When I was in Greensboro, football season meant I’d hear “AGGIE Pride” yelled throughout the city. I never did pick a team. I usually tell people I like whoever is winning. Lol. Eight miles later, I was done and anticipating my Sunday rest day.

Rock n Roll Savannah or bust

Week 1/12 Day 1
It’s the first day of training and I’m pumped. I went to the trail and it was quiet since it was the first day of school. Mentally I was ready to have an amazing first day. I’m using Nike Coach for my training plan and for some reason, the mileage wasn’t showing on my app. I took a good guesstimate that I was supposed to do four miles. The weather was near perfect. Halfway through the run, it started to sprinkle. I had hoped to run fast enough that I wouldn’t bet drenched. I did get rained on but there was no downpour. My physical body matched my mental body and I killed my first day of training.

Week 1 Day 2
I contacted Nike technical support to assist with my app. I was told tsso uninstall and reinstall and the projected mileage should show up. Once I did this, I discovered that I was 1.5 miles over what I needed to run on day one. Big win.
Today, I was set to do five miles (a one mile warm up, three miles of fartleks and a one mile cool down).
I arrived at a different trail just after 6pm. I started my warmup with a positive attitude and a goal to finish in an hour. Shortly after the run began, I started experiencing pain in my shins. I stopped to try to stretch them out. That provided relief for a short while. I knew there would be nothing fun about today’s run. At 2.5 miles, Nike told me I was halfway. I grumbled knowing I still had 2.5 miles to go and at my slower than usual pace, also another thirty minutes. At 1.99 miles to go. Nike gave me another distance indicator. Soon after, a bug flew in my nose. I tried to think of a lady like way to extract it, but nothing came to mind. Holding one nostril down, I looked like men I’ve seen in every outdoor sport; I blew hard and just as he flew in….he flew out. It was disgusting but I felt better.
This run reminded me why I prefer to go early in the morning. The heat and humidity were just two additional factors to add to the misery of this run. My ice cold water had adjusted to my body and the outside temperature and only provided relief of being wet. It was no longer cool or refreshing.
At the end, I don’t believe I can recall the last time I was so excited to be done!

Week 1 Day 3
I had another five miles slated for training. When the clock rang, I got up to turn it off and returned to bed. Initially, I told myself I’d lay there for five more minutes. After ten minutes, I decided I wanted to stay in bed and would hit the treadmill after work. Forty five minutes after the alarm sounded, a voice from the bathroom realized my eyes were open and said, “I thought you were running this morning.” I replied. “I changed my mind. I’ll go tonight.” As I heard the shower, I played my day in my head. Conference call 9am. Work 10 – 7:30. Weekly virtual chat with my girlfriends 8pm. There really wasn’t another hour available in the day. So, I got my achy bones out of bed and dressed for my five mile….extremely happy that Nike told me to do my miles easy.
It was already warm since I had waited to go. After the heat of yesterday, I decided to take it to the mill. There was only one person in the gym. It seemed like more, as she insisted on continuing her conversation. I was happy when the person on the other end had to go. All I had to hear after that was the sounds of the machines and our footsteps.
Cross-training tomorrow. And I’m glad about it!

Week 1 Day 4
Cross training was scheduled for today. My activity of choice, yoga. After three days of running, I needed something restorative. Each pose felt fabulous. I ended with my legs propped up on the wall: Viparita Karani. Namaste

Week 1 Day 5
After a day off from running, completing the ALS ice water challenge and a good night sleep, I was stoked about today’s training run. My plan called for an easy four miles with the last mile being faster than the others. My normal displeasure with the treadmill turned around in my mind, as I figured by increasing the speed on the machine, I could successfully accomplish my training run. I started with an extremely easy pace and every five minutes, I increased the speed. With each step, I actually felt stronger. When Nike told me I was at the halfway point, I was still pumped and even though the speed kept increasing, I was surprised to discover that my energy wasn’t decreasing. I was even more surprised that I pushed myself to run the entire time I was on the treadmill. I would say today’s run has been my favorite run in a long time….even though it was on the treadmill. Next up, eight miles.

Week 1 Day 6
It was dark when I arrived at my run location at 6am. My running partner and I ran in the “city” that was illuminated by the street lights. The crescent moon was a sight to see. And just as that sight began to disappear, we were greeted by the beauty of the sunrise. Two miles in, we could see downtown. During a walk break, I said; “One day we’re going all the way downtown.” She unenthusiastically agrred. I knew she was tired and on a great day she would’ve jumped for joy at what’s to come. What she doesn’t know is that I intend for our one day to go all the way downtown to be in no more than four weeks. I hope she doesn’t read this. Lol. As we approached our cars, I decided to take the long way around. Adding a half loop around the parking lot put us at five miles. We got in our cars; her to go home and me to complete the remaining three miles. The temperature had crept up almost ten degrees from the time we began. At eighty degrees, hazy, hot and humid; I opted to finish inside on the treadmill.

Week 1 is done. I’ve experienced lots of emotions already. But, I’m keeping my head in the game. Although this training plan is more challenging than those I’ve used in the past, I’m excited to see the end result. And on the seventh day….I will rest!

Let the training….begin

It’s about that time. I have another half marathon in less than ninety days. Everything about training will be different. I’m training in a new state, South Carolina. I’ve switched shoes. This time I’m wearing Saucony Omni 12. I went to a new running shoe store and had the soles cut. This technique is supposed to give more flexibility. I’ve worn the shoes for one 5k and quite a few runs. So far, so good. I’m changing my training plan. This time, I’ll be using the Coach on the Nike+ app. This training plan will have me running five times a week. Four days of running is the max I’ve done previously for training. The one thing that won’t be changing is my training partner. Georgia will get to be my ride or die again for the next twelve weeks. This little stuffed frog always brings a smile to my face. I’m sure she’ll be happy to train for a race in her namesake state. Rock n Roll Savannah….see you soon.

Stay tuned for weekly updates on my training.

What Are You Afraid Of?

What happens when you set a goal? What happens when you see yourself moving in a direction to do something…..different? What happens when you dream big dreams? And what happens when you put thoughts into action? What happens when you work towards accomplishing your goals and dreams? If you’re lucky, the dreams become reality.

Early this morning, I checked my emails (as I often do). I’ve been having an exchange of online communication with someone who holds a key to making one of the visions I put on paper a bit more clear. I could see the first few words of the message and knew that this was the email I’ve been waiting for, but also the email I’m not ready to receive. Once I open it and respond, there’s no turning back. I will determine the speed that things progress. It’s ready or not, the time has come.

Nervous, excited, hopeful. I’m full of these emotions and more. I see some changes coming. This think I’ve dreamed of; the labor is coming to an end. I’m almost ready for birth. Now, to nurture and grow my dreams.

Chasing 12

I decided a few days ago that I wanted to complete the NC Half Marathon at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I wanted to do one more race with my sole sisters Pam and Kat before moving to South Carolina. Since we had completed the Princess Half two weeks ago, this race would qualify us for half fanatic. What made this race different and special was that until three days prior, only two people knew I was doing it.

I made a poster that listed all of our races attached to the word “TOGETHER” that I planned to carry with me. I normally plan everything out (travel, lodging, outfit) weeks in advance. With quick thinking, I decided to tell my running big sister I was going. She responded with, “cool, I’ll go volunteer and you can ride with me.” I then needed someone to pick up my race packet since there was no pick up the day of the race. She suggested one of the ladies we run with, who gladly agreed to get it for me.

The night before was mentally stressful because I had worked a long day and was exhausted, I had to do laundry and it was daylight savings. I was terrified my clocks wouldn’t update themselves and I would oversleep. I laid my clothes out and got in bed around 10. I set two clocks to 3:34. At 1:30, I woke and looked at the clocks. I quickly drifted back to sleep. At 3:30, my phone rang. It was my wonderful partner calling to wake me. It was a pleasant and unexpected wake up call. Within minutes, the alarms sounded. I got in the shower and then dressed before heading to meet my ride.

There was no traffic going to the race. When we arrived shortly before 6, we got a great parking space and walked to the expo area. Pam and Tonia were taking care of volunteer duties so I stayed inside. When they found me, I was stretching. Tonia joked about me doing cheer team stretches. That’s when I informed her of my surprise and that I was running. Shortly before 7, Tammy arrived with my race bib. Soon after meeting her, we spot Pam and Kat coming in. They walk up and didn’t realize I was standing there until they were really close. The looks on there faces when they saw me was awesome. The smiles got bigger when they realized I wasn’t just there to cheer, but to run.

We headed to the START line and shared some pre-race chat before it was “go” time. My goal was finish in 2:45 minutes which would be a distance record for me. To do this, I knew I needed to be between the mile 12 and mile 13 pacers. I quickly caught up to the 12 minute mile pacer and actually stayed ahead of him for the first three miles around the race track. The thought of 2:40 seemed doable. Just after the 5k, he came up from behind and passed me during one of my walk intervals. I kept him within a sprint distance for the next two miles. Around mile 5, we were at a turnaround and the 13 minute mile pacer was on the other side of the wall. She high dived me as we passed. At this point, she appeared at least a half mike behind me, which put me at about a 12:15 pace. At the 10k mark, the 12 minute pacer started to get a little more ahead of me. In my mind, if I could see him, I could catch him. Around mile 8, a steep hill jumped out of nowhere. My interval timer was on run. I told myself I could tackle it and picked up my pace a bit. Halfway up, my legs told me they hated me and refused to go anymore. I felt slightly defeated. Looking around, I realized everyone around me felt the same way about the hill. No one was running. There were drummers at the top of the hill. And even the sound of the drums couldn’t get me up that hill running. I could still see the pacer in the distance. But by mile 9, my dream of maintaining 12 minutes and the pacer…..were out of view.

I decided that once the stretch goal was out of play, I needed to focus on the other goal. I pushed to run with my interval timer. Even though my run was getting slower, I still ran when it said run. At mile 10, two ladies running beside me were chatting away. I was glad I was running alone, as I was running out of steam and didn’t think I had the energy for a conversation. One of them said, “Doesn’t it seem like the miles are going by quickly?” I wanted to clothesline her. As my answer to the question she hadn’t asked me was a screaming, “NO!” I needed those two to get away from me and was happy when my whistle sounded indicating I could walk. Mile 11 was rough. I had been awaiting my second wind to kick in. That never happened. And this mile was not an easy one. I dreamed of hugging the mile 12 marker when I got to it. When I reached it, instead if a hug; I felt like crying. My legs were feeling heavy, I was tired, I had set a goal I didn’t know how I was going to make and I still had a WHOLE MILE to go. I switched from 4:1 intervals to 1:1. I felt like the FINISH line was never going to appear. When I could see the finish line in sight, I decided I needed to keep running no matter what. I’m sure I appeared to the spectators to be going in slow motion. When I was close enough to see the clock, it said 2:45:16. To finish before it reached 2:46:00, I was going to have to push. When I crossed the mat, I had achieved my goal. I remember the first time I crossed the finish line in high school completing the two mile with blazing speed. My coach told me, “If you have that much energy at the end, you didn’t give it your all.” Today, I gave it my all. I left everything I had……on the track!

Official finish time-2:43:49.

I RUN This City…..like a princess – race recap

I arrived via I-75 from Marietta to Tampa on Wednesday. My gracious sorority sister agreed to host me for the evening so I wouldn’t have to drive in so early on Thursday. We dined at a sushi restaurant that was delightful. Thursday morning, I got up early to go pick my friend up from the airport. We went to the expo and was delighted to arrive to no lines and pick up our bibs and tshirts in about 20 minutes. We then spent a little over an hour looking at all the vendors. There wasn’t anything I felt that I had to have, but I enjoyed taking pictures at the different booths (especially the fairy wings). My favorite item at the expo was the lavender and purple New Balance shoes. The strangest thing was Sucess rice. They had a wheel that allowed you to win a prize. Tonia and I won a box of rice. After the expo we went back to the hotel (Coco Keys) and then to dinner at Chi-Chis. After dinner, we watched a little tv in the room and decided to take a nap. The nap was more like sleep. It lasted three hours. When we woke up, we walked to get water and French fries.

In the morning, our alarms rang at 3:30. We were dressed and out the door by 4:10. The directions to the Royal Family 5k were easy, or so we thought. Somehow, we got twisted around and went about ten miles in the wrong direction. We arrived at Epcot in time to see lots of costumes. I really liked seeing all the fathers with their daughters. The mc was fun and kept the crowd pumped. It was fun watching over a thousand people in tutus doing the Cupid shuffle. The race had five corrals. Tonia was in corral D. By the time she started, the people in corral A were finishing. She crossed the finish line with a smile. After the race, we went back to take a nap before check out. After leaving the hotel, we had breakfast at IHOP and then went to check in at Westgate. Our other two sole sisters, Pam and Kat were in the air en route from North Carolina.

Funny of the night….Pam finishing her costume. Gotta love the last minute details to enhance the perfect ensemble.

Day two of 3:30am alarms. This morning I got up in a great mood and I was super excited. The four of us got dressed. At 4am, Princess Tiana, Snow White, Belle and Tonia loaded the car enroute to Epcot Center. We parked in row D-23 and were off to the strart line. We walked past the balloon ladies (women you have to stay in front of in order to be allowed to finish the race). As we waited for the start of the race, I took pictures with two others dressed as Tiana. The beginning was a little congested. The first character we saw was from Frozen. She was on a bridge above us that sprinkled down snow. At mile 1, Pam stopped for a picture with the Snow White mile marker. At mile two, I took a picture with the Ariel mile marker. Pam’s support prop (an apple) was the “talk” of the race. Everyone commented on how much they liked her attention to detail for Snow White prop. Just before mile 3, we saw the sweeper bus and took a picture in front of it. A Bambi mile marker greeted us at mile 3, this was Kat’s turn for a photo opp. As we entered Epcot, an electronic sign that said”Go runners go” made for a great picture moment. we entered an area that had shrubbery cut into Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. There weren’t many spectators on the course, however, there was a guy holding a sign that said, “You look good when you sweat”. Soon after seeing this poster, we encountered a man who had on a shirt that read “why are all of these princesses chasing me?” I was excited to see one of the bakery’s open for business and was tempted to stop but the line was too long. At the mile 5 mile marker, I got a great picture of Tonia with the Donald Duck sign. Mile 5 to the end proved to be the most eventful. Just beyond a character photo line, a runner face planted as the line and everyone near her gasped. She collected herself and got up to several people asking if she was ok. She said, “Did I lose my teeth?” When she discovered they were still in tact, she kept going. As we were walking, I happen to look behind us and could see the balloon ladies. I yelled, “balloon ladies” and we all took off into a sprint. At the finish, we collected our medals and realized that we had really taken our time. Most of the bananas and water was gone. But we got our snacks and proceeded to walk the green mile to the car. Part 1 of princess challenge, 6.2 miles. Walk to and from the car and to the start line, probably an additional 5k.
This was a very fun race. I liked taking it easy and enjoying the experience as opposed to worrying about my time. We started together and finished together.

Day three if 3:30am wake ups. Everyone was excited and dressed by 4am. My sorority sister from Tampa came to support me. Stephanie (another runner we know from home) drive down to do the race as well had come over to ride with us. As expected, the traffic was a little heavier with the additional people. We stood around for a while until the crowd started to thin out. At this time, we made our way to our corral. The walk was over a mile. When we got close enough to see the big balls indicating where we were to go, it was time to split. Stephanie was in Corral D. Tonia and I we’re is corral I. Pam was in corral J. And Kat was in corral M. We all wished each other well and proceeded to take our places.

At 5:30, the wheelchair division started. At 5:30, corral A was ready to go. At 6:00, it was show time for corral I. Tonia and I quickly split up. The surprises started early off. There was a pirate ship near the first mile marker. No sooner than I passed the ship, thunderous cheering began as we could see the first wheelchair participant and first place runner already coming back. I was in shock to think that they would finish before the sun rose. Soon after this spot, I was stopped in my tracks as I witnessed a group of drummers that made me think back to the Olympics in China during the opening ceremony. I ran most of the race on the grass as the course was quite congested most of the way. Just before mile 5, I got the photo I dreamed of getting; Princess Tiana. This was the first time I had seen Tonia since the start. As the sun began to rise, I approached the one thing on my “have to take a picture” list. I got several castle pictures and kept going. Miles went on and I opted for no more pictures. Everyone was very encouraging. The funniest part of the race was the army guy. He was great at telling people to keep going or stop to do push ups. Most walked or ran past him with a salute. I think this was a pleasant site for all runners. Prior to mile 12, I saw Tonia at the turn around. As she waved I gave her a not so friendly scowl. At this point, a pain went from my hip to my knee and it was really a look of distress. I walked through my run interval until the pain subsided. The signs and people started to pick up so I knew I needed to turn it on. Just as my race was coming to an end, I saw the one thing that everyone talks about but I had forgotten that I would see…..the gospel choir. They were placed in the perfect spot. I lifted my hands in praise as I recalled my prayer at the beginning of the race. I was crossing the finish line in under three hours and injury free. My prayers had been answered. I crossed the finish line and got my post race power aid, water and treat box.

I had given this race my all and was ready to rest. We took a few post race pictures before the long walk to the car. Race 13.1 miles. I’m sure the walk to and from the car and to the corrals put us close to 20 miles. Race number 3 of the year…..done. Next stop after my move, half fanatic status.


I RUN This City…..like a princess. Run like the wind.

This morning was my last official training run. On my way out of the house, the words of encouragement I received from my sweetie were, “run like the wind”. I smiled and went out the door. I was excited to not only run outside, but to wear shorts. It was a simply perfect 61 degrees. I took in all of my surroundings. This run was not just my last Princess training run in Georgia, but probably my last run in Georgia. When training started, I was anticipating a move to Atlanta. But that’s not going to happen. I enjoyed the drivers that waved or blew the horn in support and encouragement of the run. This run was different. To me, it was significant in saying farewell and indicating an end.
Florida, here I come.

I RUN This City….like a princess. Snow Day!

I’m in Georgia and the lovely city of Atlanta has been shut down due to freezing rain and icy conditions. As much as I complain about the hills, right now I’d take them. The weather outside is frightful and the treadmill won’t be delightful. Skating across the parking lots I go, darn this cold, darn this ice, darn this snow. I didn’t feel like going but I was inspired to get off of my behind when the male child walked by my door dressed in his workout attire. This kid has heart and determination. He’s trying to meet a weight requirement to join the military and he’s working diligently to make it happen. The picture of him from a year ago and now is a split screen you’d see on Biggest Loser.

Walking down the stairs was a challenge. I held on to the railing for dear life. My biggest fear was that I’d fall and twist my ankle. Once we got to the bottom, there was just enough snow covering the ice to make it less slick. .16 miles to the fitness center according to Nike+. He asked if I would mind if he played his music aloud. I tuned it out after the first few minutes. It was nice seeing all the dogs through the window. It seemed as if everyone decided to come out at the same time. As the sky turned dark, my mind wandered to so many places during the run. At one point, I noticed him glance at me. I think he was secretly racing me. It was cool though because I was secretly racing him.

Five miles later and we were finished. Florida, sunshine, warmth; I can’t wait to join you.

I RUN This City……like a princess! It just got real.

Oh my goodness. Almost seven months ago, I registered. Almost two months ago, I started training. I’ve been on the run Disney Facebook page nearly every day looking at pictures from Wine & Dine, Tinkerbell and the Dopey Challenge. Each race that I saw posted got me more excited and closer to Princess. Everyone looked happy in the pictures. How could they look any different in the most magical place on the east coast?

As I socialized with women from all over on various Facebook race pages, the question was the same, “When will corral assignments come out?” Well, today is the day.

This princess is in Corral I. And I is for incredible!

Run With Your Heart

The last few weeks have been rough. There are so many things going on in my life and around me that seem to be draining me of my energy. Physically and emotionally, I’m tired. When the alarm clock sounds to run, I just want to sink deeper into the blankets. If a night run is planned, I could come up with a millions reasons to wait til tomorrow. Fortunately, each time my mind says, ” not now” or my body says, “this can wait”; my heart screams louder, “Get it together. You can do this. We can do this!”
Each day that my heart roared louder and I laced up my shoes, I was able to leave some of my worries behind. I s able to dig a little deeper and turn “I can’t” to “I did!”
Life gets hectic and stressful sometimes. For those days, find something you enjoy doing. Ignore the voices in your head and replace the noise with a louder voice. Go, do it (RUN) with your heart!