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My Legs Hate Me

Week 7/12 Day 1

I’m at the halfway mark. Today, I’m supposed to do five miles. Instead, I only got in a one mile recovery walk. I’m so exhausted from the weekend.

Week 7 Day 2

I dropped my car off to get an oil change and walked to the park to get in my eight miles. I set the interval to 3:1. On the first run, my legs suggested today wasn’t a good day. I thought that maybe I just needed to stretch more and warm up longer. That wasn’t the case. I think my legs hate me for doing eighteen miles and they’re taking a break. I tried running again a few times and could only muster a jog.

It must’ve been senior citizen day at the park. They all walked passed me saying, “good job”, “keep it up” and “looking good”. One senior did walk by and said something different, ” Is that all you’ve got? Go faster!” All I could do was laugh.

I completed a little over three miles before going to retrieve my car. When I stopped my app, I realized how close I was to 150 miles for the month. So, I decided….run, jog, walk or crawl, I would reach that milestone today.

I went back out for round two. I was in a new area and unbeknownst to me, my evening activity would turn into a hill workout. When I turned the corner to my new found route, all I could see were rolling hills. I had two choices….do it or don’t. Of course, I chose do. It was eighty two degrees so I knew I needed to take it easy. There wasn’t much shade so I used landmarks to run. My pain was less than earlier and my pace was a little faster. My legs were nowhere near 100 percent but I was determined to reach 150 miles for the month. When the water bottles on my fuel belt were empty, I decided to head back. When I stopped my app and looked at my total, I realized I was .05 away from my goal. Everyone knows what I did. I got that .05 and did the 150 dance.

How does one celebrate reaching such a milestone? One glass of wine and twenty five minutes in fire and ice Epsom salt.

Week 7 Day 3

I’m changing my training plan a bit. I’m supposed to do six miles. My body is telling me to rest. So, I’m going to listen. No running today.

Week 7 Day 4

I decided to start my day with a one mile walk to see if my legs had decided to be friends with me again. They have moved from hating to just disliking me. I should be able to do my five miles tomorrow. I have 14 on Saturday and 18 next Saturday. It’s all downhill from there. I will certainly try a different recovery after the 18 miles. Ice bath city. And it should also help that I’m attending a street festival so I will get to continue to stretch my legs soon after. I also intend to do a recovery walk on Sunday and Epsom salt if I feel any discomfort.

What did I learn from completing that crazy mileage? I have reconfirmed that I have NO desire to do a marathon. Do I think I could do 26.2? Absolutely!!! But I can only imagine the recovery for that distance. No thanks. 13.1 is enough for me.

Week 7 Day 5

Nothing has gone according to my training plan this week. But, today I actually exceeded my training miles. My goal was to swap my five miles meant for today with my fourteen for tomorrow. That almost happened. I went to the treadmill. I knew that The Amazing Race would keep me company. When I took my hiatus from tv, I had missed a few shows. It was nice to watch a show about a race while I was running. I’ve always wanted to go on the show and race around the world. The only reason I’ve not submitted the paperwork is because I couldn’t find a suitable partner. I think that has changed now. I’m going to make Kat watch it next week when she visits and see if she’d like to go with me.

The run went well. My discomfort was at a 1. I ran during the show and walked during commercials. When Amazing Race went off, I turned to a show I used to watch often; America’s Next Top Model. I realized that the commercials for this show was longer so I just ran until I was ready to stop. After over two hours on the ‘mill, I had completed over eleven miles for the day.

I was happy to come in the house to stretch and enjoy a low fat chocolate milk. During my stretches, I added a few yoga poses and was excited that I executed a perfect tree pose. After the stretching, came the ice bath. It was cold, yet refreshing. When I put my pajamas on, I decided to elevate my legs. Keys see how I feel tomorrow.

Note to self. When I realized Tuesday that the pavement was a struggle, I wish it had crossed my mind to try the softer surface of the treadmill. Tomorrow, I’m trying the pavement again.

Week 7 Day 6

It’s always nice to explore new territory to run. Sharon and I took to the pavement at Upward Sports Complex. I had been told that the perimeter of the building would give me a perfect 5k. We didn’t quite follow the course and ended up on a private road that gave us great inclines and three beautiful lake front homes to view. I wondered who lived there, if they gave out the good candy for Halloween and how amazing Christmas decorations could look.

We didn’t do much running, but we did get in five miles.

I liked the course and I know I’ll go again to get in some hill training. Running there will be a challenge, but when I put my mind to tackling it…..it’s going to be awesome!

Rock n Roll Savannah or bust

Week 1/12 Day 1
It’s the first day of training and I’m pumped. I went to the trail and it was quiet since it was the first day of school. Mentally I was ready to have an amazing first day. I’m using Nike Coach for my training plan and for some reason, the mileage wasn’t showing on my app. I took a good guesstimate that I was supposed to do four miles. The weather was near perfect. Halfway through the run, it started to sprinkle. I had hoped to run fast enough that I wouldn’t bet drenched. I did get rained on but there was no downpour. My physical body matched my mental body and I killed my first day of training.

Week 1 Day 2
I contacted Nike technical support to assist with my app. I was told tsso uninstall and reinstall and the projected mileage should show up. Once I did this, I discovered that I was 1.5 miles over what I needed to run on day one. Big win.
Today, I was set to do five miles (a one mile warm up, three miles of fartleks and a one mile cool down).
I arrived at a different trail just after 6pm. I started my warmup with a positive attitude and a goal to finish in an hour. Shortly after the run began, I started experiencing pain in my shins. I stopped to try to stretch them out. That provided relief for a short while. I knew there would be nothing fun about today’s run. At 2.5 miles, Nike told me I was halfway. I grumbled knowing I still had 2.5 miles to go and at my slower than usual pace, also another thirty minutes. At 1.99 miles to go. Nike gave me another distance indicator. Soon after, a bug flew in my nose. I tried to think of a lady like way to extract it, but nothing came to mind. Holding one nostril down, I looked like men I’ve seen in every outdoor sport; I blew hard and just as he flew in….he flew out. It was disgusting but I felt better.
This run reminded me why I prefer to go early in the morning. The heat and humidity were just two additional factors to add to the misery of this run. My ice cold water had adjusted to my body and the outside temperature and only provided relief of being wet. It was no longer cool or refreshing.
At the end, I don’t believe I can recall the last time I was so excited to be done!

Week 1 Day 3
I had another five miles slated for training. When the clock rang, I got up to turn it off and returned to bed. Initially, I told myself I’d lay there for five more minutes. After ten minutes, I decided I wanted to stay in bed and would hit the treadmill after work. Forty five minutes after the alarm sounded, a voice from the bathroom realized my eyes were open and said, “I thought you were running this morning.” I replied. “I changed my mind. I’ll go tonight.” As I heard the shower, I played my day in my head. Conference call 9am. Work 10 – 7:30. Weekly virtual chat with my girlfriends 8pm. There really wasn’t another hour available in the day. So, I got my achy bones out of bed and dressed for my five mile….extremely happy that Nike told me to do my miles easy.
It was already warm since I had waited to go. After the heat of yesterday, I decided to take it to the mill. There was only one person in the gym. It seemed like more, as she insisted on continuing her conversation. I was happy when the person on the other end had to go. All I had to hear after that was the sounds of the machines and our footsteps.
Cross-training tomorrow. And I’m glad about it!

Week 1 Day 4
Cross training was scheduled for today. My activity of choice, yoga. After three days of running, I needed something restorative. Each pose felt fabulous. I ended with my legs propped up on the wall: Viparita Karani. Namaste

Week 1 Day 5
After a day off from running, completing the ALS ice water challenge and a good night sleep, I was stoked about today’s training run. My plan called for an easy four miles with the last mile being faster than the others. My normal displeasure with the treadmill turned around in my mind, as I figured by increasing the speed on the machine, I could successfully accomplish my training run. I started with an extremely easy pace and every five minutes, I increased the speed. With each step, I actually felt stronger. When Nike told me I was at the halfway point, I was still pumped and even though the speed kept increasing, I was surprised to discover that my energy wasn’t decreasing. I was even more surprised that I pushed myself to run the entire time I was on the treadmill. I would say today’s run has been my favorite run in a long time….even though it was on the treadmill. Next up, eight miles.

Week 1 Day 6
It was dark when I arrived at my run location at 6am. My running partner and I ran in the “city” that was illuminated by the street lights. The crescent moon was a sight to see. And just as that sight began to disappear, we were greeted by the beauty of the sunrise. Two miles in, we could see downtown. During a walk break, I said; “One day we’re going all the way downtown.” She unenthusiastically agrred. I knew she was tired and on a great day she would’ve jumped for joy at what’s to come. What she doesn’t know is that I intend for our one day to go all the way downtown to be in no more than four weeks. I hope she doesn’t read this. Lol. As we approached our cars, I decided to take the long way around. Adding a half loop around the parking lot put us at five miles. We got in our cars; her to go home and me to complete the remaining three miles. The temperature had crept up almost ten degrees from the time we began. At eighty degrees, hazy, hot and humid; I opted to finish inside on the treadmill.

Week 1 is done. I’ve experienced lots of emotions already. But, I’m keeping my head in the game. Although this training plan is more challenging than those I’ve used in the past, I’m excited to see the end result. And on the seventh day….I will rest!

The 1,000th mile

The 500 mile challenge began on December 21, 2012. The goal was to have participants log 500 miles by June 12, 2013. As participants began to get close to the 500 mile mark, it was decided to extend the mileage to 1,000 and extend the time to a full calendar year. The change allowed those who had higher miles to strive for a new goal and those who had lower miles and/or injury to not be discouraged by adding time.
The first woman to complete the I RUN This City 500/1000 mile challenge was Tammy Toliver of Greensboro, NC. I contacted Tammy to find out where she would be completing her 1,000th mile. She gave me the location and the time. I had never run that particular course and I’m not the 4:30am kind of girl. But, it was important that I was present for this milestone since I live in the same city. I woke before 4:00 to meet Tammy and other members of Black Girls Run fir a five mile run. I was told that I was “in for a treat” with this course. The treat was hills, lots of hills. Secretly and quietly, I enjoyed the challenge.
At the end of the run, Tammy was presented with a finisher certificate and other gifts.

I asked Tammy about the challenge;

IRTC:When you started the challenge, did you have a target date to complete your 1,000th mile?
Tammy:When I first started it was just 500 miles which I wanted to complete by my birthday. Then when it was changed to 500/1000 I had set my mind to complete by July.

IRTC:On average, how many miles did you run each week?
Tammy:I would say I run anywhere between 20-27 miles week

IRTC:What was your longest distance run during the challenge?
Tammy:The longest distance I ran was 13.1 miles

IRTC:How many races did you complete during the challenge?
Tammy:During challenge I completed 7 races and did 3 virtual races.

IRTC:To help prevent injury, cross training is suggested. What do you do to cross train?
Tammy:I do strength training, walking, elliptical and Zumba.

IRTC:What is your favorite refuel food/beverage?
Tammy:My favorite refuel food are raisins, bananas,chocolate milk, Gatorade

IRTC:What advice do you have for other participants of the challenge to reach his/her goal?
Tammy:Don’t give up if you haven’t reached your goal by the time frame you set. I had 2 injuries during challenge were I wasn’t allowed to run, but I just looked at it as a small setback. I just focused on getting better and knew that I was close to my goal and didn’t let that discourage me. I was only in competition with myself.

IRTC:What was your favorite thing about the 500/1000 mile challenge?
Tammy:I started the challenge to help me get in more miles and being more consistent with my running. It was also motivating to see other runners posting their mileage.

IRTC:You completed 1,000 miles in a little over eight months. What’s your next goal?
Tammy:My next goal is to complete a full marathon before my 50th birthday.

Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Half marathon…..FINISHER

Today started at 5am with the sounds of wake up alarms.  Diva April Joy, Diva Kat and Diva Dontre’s alarms sounded in perfect harmony and was followed by the 5:05 alarm of Diva Pam.  I looked at the weather forecast and was happy to see that the rain was expected to hold off until after the race.

Everyone got dressed and ate her choice of pre-race food.  Our place of residence was less than a mile away from the start and finish line so we decided to walk instead of deal with parking and traffic.  We just considered this our warm up.

The crowd was awesome.  It was nice to see so many divas donned in pink and black.  I took my place behind the woman holding the balloons indicating a thirteen minute mile pace.  Just before the start, the Fabulous Four stood giving each other words of encouragement and fist bumps.  I had set my HIIT to 13/:90 intervals.  I knew this would be slightly challenging for me, but I was determined to do it.

The first mile marker I saw was at mile 2.  At mile 3, I was thrilled to hear the time on my Nike+ app.  But I also knew that the pace I was running would be difficult for me to maintain.  The adrenaline wouldn’t allow me to slow down.  At mile 4, Diva Dontre and I were still getting it.  Our pace was actually getting faster.  I thought it was probably too early for the pace to be going in this direction.  At mile 5, I heard someone say; “Mile five, this separates the runners from the non runners.”  Soon after hearing the comment, I looked over to the supporters to a see a guy holding a sign that said, “Smile if you’re not wearing underwear”.  I smiled.  But trust me, I had on underwear.  A few of my sole sisters were also on the side to cheer us on.  When I saw them I knew that they’s be taking pictures.  I had to erase my normal “focused and determined” face because I wanted the picture to be fabulous.  At mile 6, Dontre got a little distance ahead of me but I could still see her.  When she looked back, I gave her the thumbs up that I was ok.  I then waved her on because even though she insisted on staying with me and complete this together, I wanted her to run her pace and not mine.  Just before mile 7, I ran past the place that I was staying and thought about how many times I’ve heard runners joke that during the race they wanted to go to their rooms when they ran past their hotels.  Between mile 7 and 8 there was a sign that said ‘it’s just a hill’,  I was glad it wasn’t a big hill.  As the group was making its way up the hill, a girl near me noticed a tee shirt that said Diva Julie.  She told her friend that she needed that shirt with her name on it.  Another girl overheard her and said, “Hey, your name is Julie?  I’m Julie too.  I can’t believe there are three of us here together.”  I guess the Julie wearing the shirt had earphones in because she didn’t respond when they yelled, “Hey Julie, give us that shirt.”  After the race, i knew I wanted to know how many people named Julie were running the race.  (Turns out there were 25 women named Julie)  At mile 9, the girl who had been in front of me wearing leg warmers stopped to take a picture with a guy and his dog.  There was also a man with a huge Ziploc bag of orange slices that was getting low.  I knew I needed to muster the energy to run faster so I could get a slice.  When I reached him and got my slice, there was only one left.  I felt a little sad for those who didn’t make it to the bag.  That orange slice gave me life.  At mile 10, I was starting to feel fatigued until I heard someone say what I knew I would hear at this point from the crowd, “Keep going.  You only have a 5k to go!”  At mile 11, a girl passed me with a shirt that said ‘you just got passed by a pregnant lady’.  I let her stay ahead of me for a while but I had to pass her.  At mile 11.5, the cheerleaders were there again.  I so needed to see them at this point.  I told myself that I had less than thirty minutes to go and to hang in there.  I heard the voice of Pusha Pam saying “Mind over miles.  You got this!!!”  The photographers were at mile 12.  I knew that when I saw the pictures posted, I didn’t want to look like what I felt.  I put on a happy face for that camera (at least I hope I did, pictures will be posted later this week).  When I passed through the photo zone, my app indicated that I was at the last walk interval.  I was officially less than thirteen minutes away from the finish line and I had hit THE WALL.  My walk time was a little longer than ninety seconds.  I was slightly disappointed in myself that I had kept up the interval for the whole race only to crash this close to the end.  The pregnant lady passed me again.  This time, I didn’t care about finishing before her.  I just wanted to finish.  I recited the Lord’s prayer in my head and asked for the strength to not just finish, but finish strong.  I thought about my tiara, boa, champagne and bling and began to run.  After I got my tiara and boa, I heard Pusha Pam cheering from the left and I knew I was almost at 13.1.    There was also someone on the right that I didn’t know yell, “The finish line is right there.  Keep going April Joy!”  I picked up my pace a little.  I could see the men ahead waiting to give me my bling.  The clock read 2:53:53.  I had successfully finished in less than three hours.  Dontre was at the finish line waiting for me.  I drank my champagne and started to stretch as we waited for Pam and Kat to finish.  While we waited, I called my oldest sister.  I could hear her beaming with pride through the phone.  When the other two finished, we went to take our pictures and gather our belongings from gear check.  The walk back to our place was tough and I thought those twenty steps would take me out.

When it was time for a shower, my nerves started again.  I didn’t buy any BodyGlide and I had heard horror stories of runners discovering chafing when they showered after a race.  I turned the water in and hoped for the best.  I’m happy to report that my body survived.  No screaming from the shower.

“Yesterday, I was a runner.  Today, I’m a runner and a half marathon FINISHER!!!!”  What a fabulous experience.  The thing that made it more special was that I was able to do it with three of the six women I completed my first 5k with nine month ago.  This DIVA is exhausted but feeling accomplished.  Yes, I’m ready to do another.  Official time 2:48:59

39 things to do before I turn 40 – Complete a half marathon…..CHECK!!