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Golden Crown Literary Award FINALIST

The Golden Crown Literary Society is an educational organization whose mission is for the enjoyment, discussion, and enhancement of lesbian literature and creative non-fiction.

The Golden Crown Literary Awards started in 2005 with four categories (romance, mystery/sci-fi/fantasy, and debut author).  Other categories have been added over the years.

This year, I have a book on the list of finalists.  “The Other Side of Joy” is being recognized in the poetry category.  A literary conference and awards ceremony will be held the last weekend of June in Dallas, Texas.  I’m hoping to earn my first “Goldie” and a gold sticker for my book.  Stay tuned for more details.

Congratulations to all of the finalists.

The List

After watching the movie “The Bucket List”, I felt inspired to create my own list of all the things I wanted to do before I was no longer around to do them.  My list had just over one hundred things that I was sure I’d enjoy drawing a line through once i completed the task.  This was fun for a while.  That is, until I kept looking at the word “bucket” at the top of the list.  It just seemed so final to me.  I wanted to think I had a lot more years to live and what happened if I completed everything on the list by fifty?  Would I be ready to toss in the towel of life or would I make a new list?  So, I tossed the bucket list in the bucket.

When I turned 39, I thought about “the list” again as the big fortieth birthday milestone was quickly approaching.  My feelings about the bucket list hadn’t changed so I decided to rename my list.

39 things to do before I turn 40

1.  try a new short haircut

2.  complete a half marathon

3.  ride a horse

4.  visit a new city

5.  complete 1000 mile challenge

6.  try a new fruit

7.  try a new vegetable

8.  hire a personal chef for one night

9.  go hiking

10. start a new “hustle”

11. color my hair

12. test drive a sportscar

13. plan a party

14. donate/give away 40 items

15. think about where to live next

16. try yoga

17. get a hot stone massage

18. go on a boat ride

19. plan a sisters getaway

20. register for Disney Princess

21. invite a child to visit and give a mom a break

22. invite a child to visit and give a mom a break

23. lose 10 more pounds

24. take a swimming lesson

25. sleep under the stars

26. handwrite a letter

27. spend 39 consecutive hours away from a computer

28. volunteer

29. help a woman market/sell a product

30. go to a vineyard

31. spend a night in the mountains

32. find an old friend

33. pay it forward

34. do something I haven’t done because I thought it cost too much

35. get a full physical

36. disappear for 39 hours

37. meet 2 new little people

38. have a dinner party at the cave

39. each day….give praise, thanks and live with gratitude


I have less than 100 days to complete the list and I’ve not gotten very far.  I’ll keep you posted.

Summer Series

012 Summer Showcase: April Joy Bowden

April Joy Bowden is a graduate of Virginia State University. She has worked as a photographer for the past sixteen years.

As a child and young adult, April wrote many poems, short stories and comics. She has always known that becoming a published author was on her ‘to do” list. In 2010, “HIGH-On Love & Addiction” was released. “The Other Side of Joy” was released in 2012.

Combining her love for the arts and entertaining, April has spent the past few years planning events. Most recently, she has hosted several multi-author book signings using “out of the box” ideas and locations.

“The Other Side of Joy” is a collection of poems that deal with the emotions and passionate moments we experience in relationships; joy, pain, intimacy and ecstasy. You will find rules for dealing with each emotion. Each poem will allow you to laugh, cry, feel or wonder just how one can live with or without joy in their life. Do you remember your first kiss? Do you remember your first love? A special place that always makes you feel good? Can you recall having your heart broken? Or how you felt when you had to tell someone goodbye? Take this journey to reminisce on past or current relationships through poetry.
**Excerpt from Literary Wonders “The Author’s Hideaway”
Thank you Literary Wonder’s for featuring me in your summer series.
For more information, please visit www.lwtheauthorshideaway.blogspot.com

New & Record – Greensboro, NC


Thank you Eddie Wooten for featuring me in “Running Shorts”

April Joy Bowden

Age: 39.

Residence: Greensboro.

Day job: Photographer.

Why I run: “I started running again as a way to shed a few pounds. After I completed my first 5K, I was hooked again.

A typical week: “I usually run 3-5 times a week. The longest distance I have done at one time is 10 miles. When it fits in my schedule, I run with Black Girls Run! in High Point.”

Favorite place to run: “I like to run anywhere that it’s quiet. My favorite season to run is fall. I love the colors.”

Asphalt or trails? “Trails.”

Other athletic pursuits: “When I started running just before my last birthday, I set a goal to run 1,000 miles before my 40th birthday in June. I have 350 miles to go.”

Faster, higher, stronger: “I like to do what I call ‘street lights’ for speed. I run as fast as I can from one street light to the next, rest between the next and do it again.”

Look what I did: I’m most proud of registering for my first half-marathon in Myrtle Beach. Can’t wait to get to the start … and the finish line.”

We all have tough days: “I left my race bib at home for one of the races I completed last year. Having to rush back home was not fun. Now, I leave the bib in the car.”

Most people don’t know: “I only watch about three hours of TV each month.”

Words to the wise: “Don’t overdo it. Rest is as important as running.”

Anything else: “I started a Facebook group: I RUN This City, where I post motivational pictures and quotes. The group is currently holding a 500-mile challenge. To date, the participants have logged over 2,500 miles. I RUN This City believes in giving back to the community. For Christmas, I hosted a run to benefit Toys for Tots. This summer, I will host a run to collect school supplies. Each year, IRTC will choose a city and form a team to walk-run a race. This years selection is ‘Run Like a Girl’ in Richmond, Va.”

Coach Kerri Summer Series

Coach Kerri’s Summer Series Interviews: April Joy Bowden

Introducing “Coach Kerri’s Summer Series” Enjoy a 60 min interview w/FEATURED guests in the LGBTQI community including writers, life coaches, authors, movie producers, erotic poets and much more! 7/2: Author, April Joy Bowden April was raised in Richmond, Virginia. She is a graduate of Virginia State University. She is a member of The National Society of Pershing Angels and Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority. April has worked as a photographer for almost sixteen years. She has coordinated literary events such as “The WRITE Stuff” (an informal writing workshop) and “Books at the Bakery” (a multi author book signing). April is currently writing a blog called “Pen & Pavement” that she hopes to have published on a national women’s running website. April can be found at her website, www.apriljoybowden.com  Facebook: Author April Joy Bowden Twitter: @ author_apriljoy


by Coach Kerri in Women 

This was a great chat.  The phone lines were buzzing and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to conduct this interview.  My backdrop was a perfect serenity as I answered questions and engaged the audience from the balcony of my beachfront hotel balcony.

To find out more about Coach Kerri, please visit her website at www.kerrirsmith.com