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The List

After watching the movie “The Bucket List”, I felt inspired to create my own list of all the things I wanted to do before I was no longer around to do them.  My list had just over one hundred things that I was sure I’d enjoy drawing a line through once i completed the task.  This was fun for a while.  That is, until I kept looking at the word “bucket” at the top of the list.  It just seemed so final to me.  I wanted to think I had a lot more years to live and what happened if I completed everything on the list by fifty?  Would I be ready to toss in the towel of life or would I make a new list?  So, I tossed the bucket list in the bucket.

When I turned 39, I thought about “the list” again as the big fortieth birthday milestone was quickly approaching.  My feelings about the bucket list hadn’t changed so I decided to rename my list.

39 things to do before I turn 40

1.  try a new short haircut

2.  complete a half marathon

3.  ride a horse

4.  visit a new city

5.  complete 1000 mile challenge

6.  try a new fruit

7.  try a new vegetable

8.  hire a personal chef for one night

9.  go hiking

10. start a new “hustle”

11. color my hair

12. test drive a sportscar

13. plan a party

14. donate/give away 40 items

15. think about where to live next

16. try yoga

17. get a hot stone massage

18. go on a boat ride

19. plan a sisters getaway

20. register for Disney Princess

21. invite a child to visit and give a mom a break

22. invite a child to visit and give a mom a break

23. lose 10 more pounds

24. take a swimming lesson

25. sleep under the stars

26. handwrite a letter

27. spend 39 consecutive hours away from a computer

28. volunteer

29. help a woman market/sell a product

30. go to a vineyard

31. spend a night in the mountains

32. find an old friend

33. pay it forward

34. do something I haven’t done because I thought it cost too much

35. get a full physical

36. disappear for 39 hours

37. meet 2 new little people

38. have a dinner party at the cave

39. each day….give praise, thanks and live with gratitude


I have less than 100 days to complete the list and I’ve not gotten very far.  I’ll keep you posted.