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No Small Task

Week 9/12 Day 1

I have less than two hundred miles to go to reach 1,000 for the year. I’ve told myself that I will complete it by my next race, which is less than thirty days away. This goal is a huge goal. Fifty miles a week is no small task. But, if I keep the right attitude, get a decent amount of sleep and eat well; it’s doable.

In order to make the goal have more meaning, I wrote names on each day of my training schedule to dedicate my miles to. In my mind, unbeknownst to these people, they are my accountability partners.

Today, I run for Candace. She is beautiful inside and out. I love her spirit. She is one of my big inspirations to start running again. The year I saw her, her daughter and her mom complete a breast cancer run together did something great for my heart. To date, it is still the most beautiful finish I’ve ever witnessed. They didn’t do it for time. They seemed to be having fun and when one seemed to slow down, the others didn’t complain, they encouraged each other to keep going. They didn’t give up. Three generations of beauty, poise and dedication.

My after run breakfast included fried green tomatoes. I imagined Mama G preparing them as my friend sat at her grandmother’s table listening to age old wisdom. Every time I hear her speak of her grandmother, I wish I had gotten the opportunity to meet her.

Week 9 Day 2

Nothing has gone as planned today. I slept horribly and when I got up, I did put on my running clothes with the intent to run after I went food shopping. By then, I was hungry. I had breakfast and ended up taking a nap. When I opened my eyes, the tv was on alerting me to a tornado watch in the area. So much for leaving the house. By 8pm, all was clear. I went to the gym and I guess others were waiting out the weather as well. This was one of the largest crowds I had seen there. The treadmills were all taken. I almost went home. It’s funny how things work out and that today, my miles are dedicated to my friend Angie. She’s the first person to put the thought of completing 1000 miles in a year in my head. She’s also a bike rider who has participated in the Tour to Tanglewood bike ride in North Carolina. Instead of throwing in the towel for the evening, tonight, I ride for Angie.

Week 9 Day 3

It’s interesting that I put the names on the calendar very randomly and the first day I really don’t feel like doing anything is the very day that I have dedicated to Pam ( affectionately known as Pusha). This woman has a heart of gold. She gives selflessly to others on and off the pavement. I pictured her showing up at my door saying, “These miles aren’t going to run themselves. Let’s go!” Go, is what I did. I knew I didn’t have time to do the six due to a previous commitment, but zero wasn’t an option. I was tired. But I got a shot gel and put my clothes on to run. My inner Pusha got it done.

Week 9 Day 4

Today, my training plan says cross train. Yeah, that’s not really going to happen. I’ve got miles to log. Last year, I convinced my friend John to complete a running program. She did Walk Before You Run with Black Girls Run in Winston Salem, NC. The goal is the same as most traditional Couch to 5k programs, so I decided to complete a 5k for John. At work, we always say we don’t want to give too much at one time….just a little extra. So I gave a little extra on the pavement; 1.9 miles extra.

I’m 25 miles away from my goal of fifty with two days left to complete. I’m 99.9% sure that won’t happen. I’ll get as close as I can. 1,000…..I’m coming for you. I guess there will be some double dipping the next two weeks.

Week 9 Day 5

It’s double digit day. Anything over ten would make me happy. To prepare for my run, last night I went to the sporting goods store to pick up Gu. I got my usual flavor, vanilla bean; and I decided to try root beer. Today I also went to get Swedish fish for the run. To my disappointment, the store I went to didn’t have them. To my surprise, when I got off work I found two bags of fish in the car. The universe aligns again. The fish were left in the car by the very person my long run was dedicated to, my sweetie. I think I have a keeper. Insert smile and heart flutter.

I knew I had to eat something before my run. I decided on sushi. I figured it would either be a great decision or a very tragic decision. I’m happy to report, it was filling enough that I was no more hungry than if I had slept all night to do the same run in the morning.

After sushi, I put together an “aid station” for my run. It consisted of Gu, water, nuun, pretzels and my fish. I put everything in a lunch box and headed to the treadmill.

The Amazing Race was on television. It was nice to watch during my run. I was happy to run the first hour nonstop. The pace wasn’t fast, but it was steady and I felt no pain. Last night, I also picked up a patellar strap. It made a world of difference in how my knee that often bothers me felt.

Seven miles in, I tried the root beer Gu. I loved it! By this time, I was bored. The Gu helped keep me going. By going, I mean moving. I was unenthused and decided to walk. It was getting late and I didn’t want to be too amped when I finally got to bed. The tv was no longer entertaining, just noise to keep me company.

Mission accomplished. Double digit miles on a Friday night, DONE!!! Over 14 miles and I looked in the mirror to realize I had forgotten to take off my eye makeup. I guess I sweat everywhere but my eyelids cause they still looked good. #POW

Week 9 Day 6

Today, I run for my on again off again runner friend. Cherelle joined me for a few runs when I started. I would see her Nike stats on Facebook from time to time and get excited to see her doing her thing. This year, she decided it was her turn to complete a race. Her first was my first, Beat the Heat 5k in Winston Salem. I was so proud of her. She kept a great pace and finished in a good time. Today, I dedicate my 3.1 to her.

Mission…..almost complete

July 10

Today is the final day of the Couch to 5k Class.  The workout is to run thirty minutes without stopping.  I was excited about this milestone.  I figured if I actually ran the whole thirty minutes that I was probably really ready to run the 5k in two weeks.

I ran at an easy pace and covered a longer distance than previous runs on the greenway.  My adrenaline was high when I finished the run and returned to the place that I had started.  I was filled with many feelings.  I was exhausted, excited and amazed.  As I began my cool down, I began to reflect on day 1.  I remembered doing the intervals and feeling like I was going to pass out.  That ninety second run seemed  like forever.  I chuckled at the thought of the day and the fact that I felt like crying at the end of the first day because I didn’t think I could do it.  And today I felt like crying because I knew that I could!

The graduation run is in thirteen days.  And guess what?  I’m ready.

RUN #1

The “meet and greet” to start the couch to 5k was interesting. I had no idea what to expect.  I just knew I was tired of running alone.  About twelve women met for the first session.  We were broken up into three groups; walkers, joggers and runners.  I decided to join the running group in the front.  We all began our trek on the Greenway.  Interesting enough, the trail began at a cemetery and I thought surely some of us were going to die.  The first half of the run was a breeze.  I was glad i had been doing lots of walking.  Somehow, somewhere, the easy breezy feeling left me.  My lungs were on fire and I began hearing pledge songs and cadences in my head.  I didn’t think I was going to make it.  But just when I thought I couldn’t run any more, it was over….and no-one took a stop to be buried at the cemetery.