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Running in Georgia with Georgia

I found myself back in Georgia with a plate that seemed full, yet empty. I had a lot on my mind and my heart was quite heavy. Running was the last thing I wanted to do, but the thing I knew I needed to do.

I dressed and laced up for one of my last Georgia training runs. I tried to get the male child to go with me but he said it was too cold and he was going to the gym. Secretly, I think he’s afraid of not being able to keep up with a woman twenty one years his senior. As much as I thought I wanted the company, I found serenity in my solitude.

I had been playing around with intervals for race day. Today, I decided on 6:1. The first few miles were grueling as I tackled hills that today felt like mountains. Every uphill, I tried to remind myself would be a downhill on the way back.

Every mile felt like a minor victory. On the way back, I felt overjoyed to be closer to the finish than the start.

One more month to go.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Week 12

Day 1 – To say I’m longing for some sign of spring would be an understatement. I think my feet have forgotten what the pavement feels like. I’m glad I have access to a treadmill but I’m ready to let the cool air caress my face without my eyelids freezing and my hair being covered in ice. Warm weather…..I’ll be waiting.

Day 2 – It’s 9 degrees and the rest of the week doesn’t look much warmer. It’s cold and raining. This weather is better suited for pajamas, snacks, chick flicks and my favorite blanket. But none of that for me. I must tackle this long run since it’s my only day off. Once again I’m going to be boo loving with the treadmill…..for 11 miles.

I dressed in a black running skirt and racer back tee. I know it’s going to take me about two hours, but it will get done. In my mind, I’m psyched and ready to go. My mantra today is “the treadmill is my friend.”

I’ve been doing quite a bit of my training in Georgia and every time I’m there, I have to give myself a pep talk about the hills. I turn on music, I count cars, I pray…..whatever it takes to get through. But today, I discovered I like the hills more than I hate them. Those hill runs made this run doable.
My splits (1)8:52, (2)9:40, (3)9:58, (4)9:29, (5)9:37, (6)10:25, (7)10:10, (8)9:35, (9)10:22, (10)10:16, ten miles with all splits under 10:30, (11)12:07(walked for cool down).

It was tough-really tough, but I did it and I didn’t hate it!

Now, the trek from the fitness center to the house when the freezing cold hit my sweaty skin, that was a different story. Even after eleven miles, that short run was pretty fast.