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The best gift I’ve ever given

The best gift I’ve ever given is me, I can’t lie

Something about seeing the tears begin to water in a grown man’s eyes

It was Christmas and my family knew, gifts that year ween’t coming through

That year I was giving – one gift only.  Couldn’t be purchased in the store.  The gift was me

Airport bound I wore a smile

Eight hours of travel and accrual of frequent flier miles

As I arrived at the gate in ATL

I remember thinking, “What the hell?”

Are all these people doing here, when time for my departure was drawing near

On the overhead I heard begs and pleas

For passengers to give up seats

The previous flight out had been delayed

And hundreds would be forced to sit in an airport for hours on Christmas day

Five hundred travel dollars sounded really great

But I had to pass. 

I was on my way to a surprise daddy date

My flight was on time, luggage in tow

Walked out the door, daddy didn’t know

That when I said his gift would be late that his gift would be me.


That was the last Christmas I spent with my dad.  2011 will be the third year I won’t get to call and squeal, “Merry Christmas, Old Man.”  I will cherish that Christmas forever.  RIP LA Wilson