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The Box

Tonight I took a trip. I visited past lovers, old friends, prior birthdays and forgotten dreams. This journey is my personal time capsule of memories dating back at least twenty years. I remember arguing with a former love interest when they discovered the box. I was asked why I was “holding on to the past”. I’m not sure what response I gave. If I were asked the same question today, I’d have to say, it’s nice to look back at the younger me and have a tangible piece of who I was and who I thought I’d be. Not only does keeping this box allow me to look back, it affords me the opportunity to hold on to the good times, to reflect upon the bad times and be ever so grateful of where I am today.
I’m glad to have been born in the 70’s when long distance phone calls weren’t free and for most wasn’t cheap. I miss not having everyone at my fingertips. It made those conversations that much more special because I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to have another call. I miss the anticipation of letters in the mailbox. I miss the art of letter writing in general. There’s something magical about transferring thoughts to words and putting them on paper. Seventy five percent of everything I’ve “written” digitally has a “hard copy”. I actually wrote it on paper first.
I’m never getting rid of my box. In fact I’m a little sad thinking that my box will probably have very few additions as years go by. Printing emails to put in the box just won’t be the same.



“Pen & Pavement” will follow my journey to complete several goals by my 40th birthday (June 2013). 

Goal #1 – Lose 40 pounds (and keep it off).  I’m down 15

Goal #2 – Complete five 5k races

Goal #3 – Complete two 10k races

Goal #4 – Complete a half marathon

Goal #5 – Run 1000 miles

Consider this my running journal.  Every day that I lace up my running shoes, there will be an entry.

I hope that you will join me on my quest by sending words of encouragement, lacing up a pair and running with me and / or cheering me on at my races.  In a perfect world, I will reach my 1000th mile as I run the half marathon.  There will be a party to follow.  Stay tuned!


As National Recovery Month winds down, I want to take a moment to thank Julie, Tonya, Kisa and Vickie for sharing individual journeys with me.  I feel truly honored to have been given the opportunity to interview each of you.

To the interviewees, thanks for sharing.  And to you (the readers), thanks for letting us share.  To the still suffering addict and those who love you; there is hope.  That hope is found in recovery.

Together, the people you have met have 18065 days, 2579 weeks, 606 months and 48 years of clen time.

Meet Kisa

Hi, my name is Kisa and I’m an addict.

I’ve had enough years of negative, so today I will focus on the positive.

Through God and NA, I’m no longer in the grips of the disease of addiction.  Motivated today by applying spiritual principals embodied in the 12 step programs, my life is changed today.  I am not cured, I am delivered.  As a result, I open myself up to be used as a vessel to help the still suffering addict by sharing experience, strength and hope in the hopes thay they too can be released from the deadly disease.

“If I had written a list of the things I wanted to happen in my life when I started this journey, I would have cheated myself.” 

My God has blown my mind and I never knew that I could experience the many gifts that attached to me by finding a new way to live.  I am forever grateful that I was chosen to go through the horrors of addiction because without it I would not have a God or sobriety.

My advice to newcomers is go to meetings, get a home group and a sponsor.  Change people, places and things.  Get numbers from people in recovery AND use them.  “Always remember, if you don’t pick it up it won’t get in you.  We do recover.”

Hi, my name is Kisa.  I have been clean since September 21, 1990.