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Sleep is for SUCKERS!!!!!

Week 10
I’m 147 miles away from 1,000 miles. I have three weeks to get there. This is not an unobtainable goal but it does present a bit of a challenge. Fifty miles a week to get there. I will probably have to do at least three days of double dipping for the next two weeks in order to have fewer miles in the last week and fresher legs for the race.

Day 1

It was another one of those days that I preferred to stay in bed. I tried to keep my eyes closed for a few minutes longer as I attempted to picture my workout calendar to figure out who today’s run was for. I had no idea and knew the only way I’d know would be to get up.

I laughed when I saw the name Pam M. as I could hear her voice in my head saying, “Sleep is for suckers!” I pictured one of her previous cover photos on Facebook and her constant mantra of #noexcuses.

In my mind, I was going to start my week off easy. It was 53 degrees and I intended to enjoy my walk to the gym in the cool morning air. I also planned to walk my five miles. That didn’t happen. Somewhere between the bed and adjusting the settings on the treadmill, this became a training run. Each mile was faster than the previous mile for the first four miles. In the final mile, I added 42 seconds. That didn’t bother me much as the treadmill was set to slow the pace for a cool down.

For a run I didn’t want to do, I’d say it turned out pretty good. Five down, fifty to go.

Day 2

I slept horribly and my normal Tuesday routine was anything but. At 1:00 pm, I had completed zero miles. I hadn’t even bothered to look to see who the miles were dedicated to. I knew I couldn’t end the day with zero. I sent a distress text to a friend asking if she’d run with me when she got off work. Thirty minutes before I was to meet her, I was wishing I never asked. I didn’t feel like it.

We met at one of my favorite trails. She had never been there. I really like introducing people to new running places. We ran the trail and through some neighborhoods. The neighborhoods were very hilly and we ran most of the hills. The highlight of the run was open house. The neighborhood is being developed and we saw an open house sign. I was surprised that the door was actually unlocked. For $252,000 we would get an open floor plan home. Downstairs had hardwood in the foyer and kitchen. There was a master with a huge bathroom with double vanity. A second bath with a cute sink was just off the living area. For cool nights, the owners could also enjoy the fireplace. Upstairs, you were met by a grand bonus/media room. There were three additional rooms. One was small and I’d suggest an office. The other two were larger but I wasn’t impressed by the closets. I would have preferred less space in the bonus and more storage space. I loved the first floor and would have been happy with just that space. The less than great second floor, makes this home a deal breaker for me. I now feel a desire to go earlier to run the community again so I can see the other houses.

Today, I ran for Kat. I laughed at the irony. During her visit, we ran a hilly course. She would’ve loved to hate me for today’s run. We also can’t be trusted to “just run” together. She would’ve been in the houses with me. And had she been there, you’d also see pictures.

Ten down, 45 to go.

Day 3

Today’s run was dedicated to my high school track coach. He was the first person to introduce me to distance running. I cringed at the idea of running six miles for practice. Maybe that’s why I don’t like the 10k distance. But once I realized it wasn’t horrible and I was capable, I was ok with it. Thanks coach.

Thirty five more to go.

Day 4

I dedicated today’s run to injured runners and those who can’t run. I am completely in awe of how I randomly placed the names on no particular day of the calendar and each day somehow aligns with the name. In my mind, I think this day was important to me because I’ve seen my friends and people in the running community sign up for and train for a race and find themselves out of money and out of the race. I also put injured runners on the calendar to remind myself that even though I lace up, I won’t always run. Sometimes we must do what we can and not push it. When I thought about those who CAN’T run, I had in mind people (primarily children) who can’t physically run for whatever reason. Today (I realized) is my little buddy’s birthday who can’t physically run. I’m reminded of his winning smile the few times I’ve had the pleasure of his presence with his mom pushing him.

I walked all of my miles today because I know the next two days probably won’t be fun and definitely won’t be easy.

Four today. Thirty one to go!

Day 5

My morning started with a call from the person today is dedicated to. Pusha Pam was on her way to complete the Marine Corps Marathon. It was great to hear her enthusiasm. I knew that she would be on my mind during my double digit run.

Another night run for me on the treadmill. It would also be another night of Amazing Race while I ran. I skipped sushi for the evening and had kielbasa sausage. I prayed it would sit well in my stomach. I decided I would run ninety minutes nonstop. This would be my longest nonstop run in a while. I promised myself I wouldn’t look at the mileage until I had been going for two hours. When I looked, I hadn’t gone as far as I thought or as far as I would have liked but I heard Pusha’s voice in my head reminding me that I could do it and to keep pushing. I heard her voice say, “it’s you against yourself. Hang in there.”

I also watched a few wedding dress shows, “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Something Borrowed”. I took a long break from watching shows like this because I had the “always a bridesmaid” thought in my head. These days, I’m excited for the brides and I like to watch the shows. Maybe one day in the not so distant future I’ll get to be the one trying on wedding gowns.

After two hours, I decided to walk the remainder of my time. This decision was made not because I was tired but because it was late and I’m usually too amped after a night run to sleep. I slowed to a brisk walk and completed my double digit walk/run.

I don’t think I’m going to reach my goal for the week. In fact, I will probably have double digits by the time I go to bed tomorrow. I really just want to push to have less than 100 miles to get to 1000 before next week begins.

Oh yeah. I burned almost a thousand calories.

Day 5

My miles today are dedicated to a true warrior. Regina is a two time breast cancer survivor. I met her when I was a freshman in college. Her husband was in the military stationed at Fort Lee, fifteen minutes from my school. They are the family of the guy I was dating. From our very first meeting, she and the whole house took me in as family.

I was crushed when I heard she was suffering. At the time, we had both relocated and I was too far to come quick. I made sure to check in periodically and was overjoyed to hear that her cancer was in remission. That year, I started volunteering at breast cancer walks and races. It made me feel good to see so many people supporting cancer research and survivors. Before I started running, every year I promised myself that I would complete the 5k in her honor. The year I decided to join her and her daughters in Charlotte, shortly before the walk, she was back in the hospital. In prayer and because she couldn’t, I made the trip to Charlotte to volunteer. Afterwards, I went to visit her in the hospital. She looked weak, but her spirits seemed high. Soon after, Regina had won her battle again.

The following year, I wasn’t able to join her and the girls. I did, however; finally make good on my promise to run a breast cancer race in her honor. That year, along with a crowd of ladies dressed in pink, I completed the “Women’s Only” in Greensboro, NC.

This year, the breast cancer event dates didn’t mesh with my schedule. For the first time since her original diagnosis, I was not able to participate in an event. Today, I celebrate and log my miles for a two time survivor.

She is a true inspiration of every cliche’ that tells us to never give up.

What does one notice after two hours in the gym? The mileage on the machine says eight miles and the mileage on my Nike+ app say 2.notenough. Doggone you technology. Add that to my earlier miles and we’ve got two double digit days in a row. Tomorrow I’ll get in an easy two miler…a very easy two miler and prepare my mind and body to tackle the last 100 miles.

Three Days, Three Cities

Week 4/12 Day 1

Today’s run calls for five miles. Tomorrow I’m scheduled for eight. I tried to force nike to “allow” me to do the day 2 workout but it wouldn’t. I have an out of town meeting tomorrow and I’m off today. It’s just easier to manually switch the two. I don’t want to end up doing less tomorrow because I run out of time.
The temperature is perfect. It’s only sixty three degrees. This sure beats the almost eighty that it usually is at this time. Temperature great …. Weather, not so much. It’s raining. As much as I enjoy getting caught in a sprinkle. Unless I’ve spent money on a race or have no other option, wet outside will usually equal run inside. To the treadmill. Just me, my thoughts, the sounds of my footsteps and Pandora playing softly in the background.
I was going at a steady pace that I felt comfortable doing. At mile six, something tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey lady, you just did eleven two days ago. Slow it down a little.” Intending to complete this training injury free, I took this as an opportunity to slow it down a little. I still finished in my intended amount of time. And yay. Shorter run tomorrow.

Week 4 Day 2

I was happy to have a shorter run on schedule today. I woke up at the hotel to use the very small fitness center. There was one treadmill, one elliptical and one bike. I was glad I got there when I did to claim the treadmill. Ten minutes after I started someone else came in with the look that suggested they wished they had come in earlier. In the cramped space, the room got hot very quickly. Two miles in, I was soaking wet. I was happy with the effort I was exerting but I knew I wouldn’t last long in the heat. Two miles shorter than I was supposed to complete, but I did what I could in the environment.

Week 4 Day 3

I woke up in a different state for the third consecutive day. I was exhausted and had decided that I’d only run if my body woke me up naturally early enough to get in five miles. That didn’t happen.
When I did wake up, I got dressed and headed to Fort Gordon to see my son at MEPS before his departure to the Navy. It was a long morning. We were able to see him swear in and get on the bus to go to the airport. After the bus rounded the corner, we had a three hour drive home.
We knew that he would be allowed to call upon his arrival so sleep didn’t come easy as we waited for the phone to ring. He finally called at 1230.

Week 4 Day 4

I’m still exhausted and the sleep that I did get was poor. I’m a little down because I am now double digit miles behind in my training plan. Playing make up in the next three days is going to be interesting.
I didn’t feel like driving to the trail even though the weather was perfect for an outdoor run. Instead, I went for another spin on the treadmill. I decided I’d walk my miles today and take some time to think about the events of he past few days. I’ll probably need to add an evening run in order to get the mileage I need. But it’s ok. This will give me the opportunity to start and end my day with time to reflect.
I got in six miles and Nike cheated me. It only read 3.55 miles. I hate it when that happens. I’ll just send an email and ask them to adjust it.
I did add a second run in the evening. I got home for work to change. For some reason it took forever. My wonderful significant other went as well to walk while I ran. I hadn’t realized how much time had changed nor fully come to terms that summer and late sunlight were actually over. My first mile was one of my fastest in a while as I tried to hurry to beat the darkness. I wasn’t properly geared for a night run. My clothes were too dark and the only reflective gear I had were the strips on my fuel belt. Although there was no sun, there was an abundance of humidity. My chest was on fire and the sweat pouring into my eyes burned. When I reached the turnaround, I took a short walk break and convinced myself I’d run until we met. Life aligned and it happened sooner than later. We made eye contact and then I heard a voice saying, “If you want to run faster, you have to run. That looks like walking to me.” I scowled and actually got mad for a minute. Part of me wanted to enjoy the last mile in a lovey dovey couple stroll, but the other part of me was happy to have a supportive and understanding person in my life. So, I picked up the pace and ran most of the way to the car.
I need to start taking my clothes to work to change so I’ll have more daylight….at least for the next three weeks.

Week 4 Day 5

This morning’s run was great minus one thing. I became THAT race director who strategically placed the hills in the worst place, just at that point when your legs wanted a break. The bad thing is, I could’ve and should’ve done the hills first when I was still fresh. I’ll be changing that route next time. 5.5 miles done. I believe this was my fastest run over five miles since training started. #winning

Week 4 Day 6

Another morning of part inside, part outside training. It’s not the most horrible thing in the world. The biggest problem with being inside besides the fact that I prefer to be outside is that the GPS signal is often weak and I lose some of my miles. I noticed this happen before I reached my sixth mile. I had just finished a victory chant for completing an eight minute mile and had actually picked up my pace but my app had yet to announce my next mile completion. I looked down and the time was going but the mileage was not. I wanted to cry. Instead, I decided it was time (even though the sun wasn’t quite up) to go outside.
I drove .5 miles to get to my running path. I jumped out of the car still pumped. I felt strong and knew I could finish sooner than anticipated. At mile nine I began to feel a little fatigued. I thought I heard someone yell, “Only a 5k to go!” I hate when people say that during races. But I kept going. Not that I had a choice, my car was three miles away. At 9.5, I was out of water. I ran into the gas station an filled up my water bottles. When I tried to pay, the lady at the register gave me a thumbs up and told me there was no charge. After I finished my run, I went into the grocery store for granola, yogurt and chocolate milk.
Another double digit run in the books.