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Golden Crown Literary Award FINALIST

The Golden Crown Literary Society is an educational organization whose mission is for the enjoyment, discussion, and enhancement of lesbian literature and creative non-fiction.

The Golden Crown Literary Awards started in 2005 with four categories (romance, mystery/sci-fi/fantasy, and debut author).  Other categories have been added over the years.

This year, I have a book on the list of finalists.  “The Other Side of Joy” is being recognized in the poetry category.  A literary conference and awards ceremony will be held the last weekend of June in Dallas, Texas.  I’m hoping to earn my first “Goldie” and a gold sticker for my book.  Stay tuned for more details.

Congratulations to all of the finalists.

Going into labor

I didn’t close my eyes until after 2 o’clock this morning because my mind was racing.  I knew that as the darkness turned to day it would be time to “induce” labor.  I had hoped to get some rest and sleep in.  Unfortunately, my body and mind had other plans.  I opened my eyes at the same time my alarm usually chimes.  I just laid in the same spot for thirty minutes trying to mentally prepare myself for the tasks ahead of me.  My journey would be taken alone and I knew noone would see me, but I still wanted to look nice.  I showered, brushed my teeth, combed my hair and put on a pair of cute black jeans, a purple top and purple heels.  As I transitioned to labor and delivery, I needed some mood music.  I logged on to Pandora and swayed to the tunes of Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Anthony Hamilton and Dana Owens. 

I expect this labor to last four to nine weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.  At 3:03 pm, I pushed the button.  “The Other Side of Joy” has been submitted.