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A picture is worth a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  But because this session couldn’t last all night, I shortened it…just a bit. 

Assignment:  Look at the picture given to you and write about it using any style of writing.  You will be given a piece of paper that has space for 100 words.  Time to complete assignment: fifteen minutes.


I see a tropical island.  The ocean is a bright, crisp blue.  The sand as white as snow.  In the background, there is another mountainous island and a rocky island with lots of trees.  The palm trees are swaying back and forth with the cool breeze.  The sky is just as blue as the water.  It truly looks like paradise.  I wonder what it would feel like to lay in the white, soft sand and feel the cool breeze with the sun beaming on my face.  Maybe one day this year, I will know what it would feel like.



As I gaze across the ocean, I feel a sense of peace.  The sounds of the waves crashing ashore remind me that even in the storms of life, it is necessary to be patient and wait for the tides to calm.  And as the sun sets, I am amazed at the beauty that I feel from this tower was created just for me.  I wonder, what makes me so lucky to be the only person able to see this vision of beauty as I sit alone with only my thoughts and the soothing sounds of the water to entertain me.


Naturally Me

As I was preparing for The WRITE Stuff, I knew that I wanted my usually curly hair to be straightened. Ten days ago I was rocking my two strand twists.  About 3 days ago, I untwisted them and had a fierce, super curly fro.  I thought to myself about my straight looking hair that I didn’t want to be bothered to do it myself, so I considered going to a salon.  That idea disappeared when I decided I didn’t want to spend my money on a trip to the salon.  I have plans for the weekend and my gas tank is on E.  My greenbacks have somewhere else to go.  Time was ticking and I knew I needed some hair therapy and quick.  As I put my head in the water, the shampoo soothed my scalp.  The conditioner tingled and I knew it was doing it’s job.  As I ran my fingers through my curls, for one split second I wished my hair were relaxed so I wouldn’t have to go through what I knew would feel like agony to straighten my own hair.  As I towel dried my hair, I could feel the thickness underneath.  Standing before the mirror, I removed the towel and undressed a head full of God given curls that I have so grown to love.  This natural journey has been just that, a journey.  But I wouldn’t go back to pre November 2007 and the chemically induced treatments that I endured at the salon.  I’m laughing now at the momentary lapse of sanity I had wishing my hair was relaxed. What was I thinking?  I so enJOY being naturally me!


The WRITE Stuff

Assignment:  Write a haiku about rain.

Somber sound in the night, making puddles in the depths, wash away the pain.       -T. Fewell

A drizzle or drop, sweet water from above is, thinning out the clouds.                         -Veronica Star

Crystal drops cascade, from clouds dusting and dream, crackling drops of rain.      -L. Jackson

Calm, cool, collected, the rain outside my window, reminds me of peace!                    – April Joy

Rain falls on my face, Take away misery’s pain, True freedom is here.                      – Vada

Rain droplets falling, into my eyes made to soothe, and to tantalize.                         -Amber Chloe

Raindrops after dark, illuminate street lamps, mock diamonds on the street.      -Veronica Star