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Dreams Deferred

Week 12

If all goes as planned, this will be my final week.

I wanted to feel the cool air on my face so I did the first mile outside. I began to wish I stayed outside. After being in the gym for ten minutes, I was joined by the loudest woman on a gossiping phone call. It was too early for this conversation and it was quite rude to carry on so loudly being in a shared space. I wanted to go unplug her machine. She was getting on my nerves and I desperately hoped that the person on the other end had somewhere to be. No such luck. Urgh!!!!!!!

To top off the ridiculous loud woman, Nike was up to his antics again and not registering my miles. Again, the universe recognizes who I run for. Today, my miles aren’t for a person, but rather; for dreams come true. Like this morning’s run, as I pursue my dreams; there will be people who annoy me and difficulties along the way. Today’s lesson, “Don’t sweat the small stuff and just keep going!”

I went back for round two. This time I was armed with headphones, just in case. There were two people on the treadmills (one on either side). The female to my left kept glancing over. After her warmup, she appeared to be trying to run with me. That just made me get rid of my idea to do intervals. Fifteen minutes in, she got off. One down, one to go. The gentleman on my right was going for it. I kept wishing he would quit so I could walk. He too finally caved. I crowned myself Treadmill Champ.

Day 2

I woke up eager to run. I smiled at the enthusiasm I had today. It was the same enthusiasm I used to have any time I had something planned with my brother. He was twelve years older than me, but we always clicked. It was 42 degrees. He loved the cold. Me, not so much. I dressed in my favorite neon leggings, long sleeve shirt and jacket.

After a mile, I was getting warm. The hills seemed liked mountains, but I was having a good run. To make my run better, the horses were out. I completed seven miles.

I know I needed double digits for the day so I went back out to walk later to make it ten.

In the last thirty four days, I have logged two hundred miles. This lady is tired, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I spent the evening with my legs up on the wall. I imagine that will be my ritual the remainder of the week.

Day 3

I chose to run for the #IRUNTHISC1TY supporters in Illinois that I had hoped to meet this weekend. My miles were easy and steady as the reality is setting in that I won’t be racing on Saturday. I’ve eliminated the desire to complete 1,000 miles on a specific day because it just won’t have the same meaning not reaching the goal crossing a finish line.

Day 4

The calendar says rest. I’ve decided to do just that. Sadness has overcome me and I just don’t want to. I haven’t thrown in the towel. That’s not in my character. I’ve just delayed the sense of urgency to reach my goal.

Rest will be good for me. Rest of the body and the mind is currently needed.

Day 5

And the day before what would have been race day has gone exactly as the day after the first day of training….with technical difficulties. I decided on a midday mile. Low and behold, my difficulty really wasn’t technical…but more user error. I forgot to stop my app and three hours later, I laughed at my phone when I realized it was still going. 3:20:14 to complete 1.88 miles. Talk about slow and easy. Oh well. C’est la vie.

The night ended with me in tears as I surfed Facebook and saw the pictures of my friends at expos and pictures of their race day clothes spread out. I’m happy for each of them but I’m so sad for myself and my other friend who is also unable to race. It’s heartbreaking to spend twelve plus weeks training for a race and then not having the satisfaction of showing up at the START line. I have race envy in the worst way.

Day 6

It’s supposed to be race day and the morning started just like it ended….in tears. Who knew I’d be this emotional??

No Small Task

Week 9/12 Day 1

I have less than two hundred miles to go to reach 1,000 for the year. I’ve told myself that I will complete it by my next race, which is less than thirty days away. This goal is a huge goal. Fifty miles a week is no small task. But, if I keep the right attitude, get a decent amount of sleep and eat well; it’s doable.

In order to make the goal have more meaning, I wrote names on each day of my training schedule to dedicate my miles to. In my mind, unbeknownst to these people, they are my accountability partners.

Today, I run for Candace. She is beautiful inside and out. I love her spirit. She is one of my big inspirations to start running again. The year I saw her, her daughter and her mom complete a breast cancer run together did something great for my heart. To date, it is still the most beautiful finish I’ve ever witnessed. They didn’t do it for time. They seemed to be having fun and when one seemed to slow down, the others didn’t complain, they encouraged each other to keep going. They didn’t give up. Three generations of beauty, poise and dedication.

My after run breakfast included fried green tomatoes. I imagined Mama G preparing them as my friend sat at her grandmother’s table listening to age old wisdom. Every time I hear her speak of her grandmother, I wish I had gotten the opportunity to meet her.

Week 9 Day 2

Nothing has gone as planned today. I slept horribly and when I got up, I did put on my running clothes with the intent to run after I went food shopping. By then, I was hungry. I had breakfast and ended up taking a nap. When I opened my eyes, the tv was on alerting me to a tornado watch in the area. So much for leaving the house. By 8pm, all was clear. I went to the gym and I guess others were waiting out the weather as well. This was one of the largest crowds I had seen there. The treadmills were all taken. I almost went home. It’s funny how things work out and that today, my miles are dedicated to my friend Angie. She’s the first person to put the thought of completing 1000 miles in a year in my head. She’s also a bike rider who has participated in the Tour to Tanglewood bike ride in North Carolina. Instead of throwing in the towel for the evening, tonight, I ride for Angie.

Week 9 Day 3

It’s interesting that I put the names on the calendar very randomly and the first day I really don’t feel like doing anything is the very day that I have dedicated to Pam ( affectionately known as Pusha). This woman has a heart of gold. She gives selflessly to others on and off the pavement. I pictured her showing up at my door saying, “These miles aren’t going to run themselves. Let’s go!” Go, is what I did. I knew I didn’t have time to do the six due to a previous commitment, but zero wasn’t an option. I was tired. But I got a shot gel and put my clothes on to run. My inner Pusha got it done.

Week 9 Day 4

Today, my training plan says cross train. Yeah, that’s not really going to happen. I’ve got miles to log. Last year, I convinced my friend John to complete a running program. She did Walk Before You Run with Black Girls Run in Winston Salem, NC. The goal is the same as most traditional Couch to 5k programs, so I decided to complete a 5k for John. At work, we always say we don’t want to give too much at one time….just a little extra. So I gave a little extra on the pavement; 1.9 miles extra.

I’m 25 miles away from my goal of fifty with two days left to complete. I’m 99.9% sure that won’t happen. I’ll get as close as I can. 1,000…..I’m coming for you. I guess there will be some double dipping the next two weeks.

Week 9 Day 5

It’s double digit day. Anything over ten would make me happy. To prepare for my run, last night I went to the sporting goods store to pick up Gu. I got my usual flavor, vanilla bean; and I decided to try root beer. Today I also went to get Swedish fish for the run. To my disappointment, the store I went to didn’t have them. To my surprise, when I got off work I found two bags of fish in the car. The universe aligns again. The fish were left in the car by the very person my long run was dedicated to, my sweetie. I think I have a keeper. Insert smile and heart flutter.

I knew I had to eat something before my run. I decided on sushi. I figured it would either be a great decision or a very tragic decision. I’m happy to report, it was filling enough that I was no more hungry than if I had slept all night to do the same run in the morning.

After sushi, I put together an “aid station” for my run. It consisted of Gu, water, nuun, pretzels and my fish. I put everything in a lunch box and headed to the treadmill.

The Amazing Race was on television. It was nice to watch during my run. I was happy to run the first hour nonstop. The pace wasn’t fast, but it was steady and I felt no pain. Last night, I also picked up a patellar strap. It made a world of difference in how my knee that often bothers me felt.

Seven miles in, I tried the root beer Gu. I loved it! By this time, I was bored. The Gu helped keep me going. By going, I mean moving. I was unenthused and decided to walk. It was getting late and I didn’t want to be too amped when I finally got to bed. The tv was no longer entertaining, just noise to keep me company.

Mission accomplished. Double digit miles on a Friday night, DONE!!! Over 14 miles and I looked in the mirror to realize I had forgotten to take off my eye makeup. I guess I sweat everywhere but my eyelids cause they still looked good. #POW

Week 9 Day 6

Today, I run for my on again off again runner friend. Cherelle joined me for a few runs when I started. I would see her Nike stats on Facebook from time to time and get excited to see her doing her thing. This year, she decided it was her turn to complete a race. Her first was my first, Beat the Heat 5k in Winston Salem. I was so proud of her. She kept a great pace and finished in a good time. Today, I dedicate my 3.1 to her.

My Legs Hate Me

Week 7/12 Day 1

I’m at the halfway mark. Today, I’m supposed to do five miles. Instead, I only got in a one mile recovery walk. I’m so exhausted from the weekend.

Week 7 Day 2

I dropped my car off to get an oil change and walked to the park to get in my eight miles. I set the interval to 3:1. On the first run, my legs suggested today wasn’t a good day. I thought that maybe I just needed to stretch more and warm up longer. That wasn’t the case. I think my legs hate me for doing eighteen miles and they’re taking a break. I tried running again a few times and could only muster a jog.

It must’ve been senior citizen day at the park. They all walked passed me saying, “good job”, “keep it up” and “looking good”. One senior did walk by and said something different, ” Is that all you’ve got? Go faster!” All I could do was laugh.

I completed a little over three miles before going to retrieve my car. When I stopped my app, I realized how close I was to 150 miles for the month. So, I decided….run, jog, walk or crawl, I would reach that milestone today.

I went back out for round two. I was in a new area and unbeknownst to me, my evening activity would turn into a hill workout. When I turned the corner to my new found route, all I could see were rolling hills. I had two choices….do it or don’t. Of course, I chose do. It was eighty two degrees so I knew I needed to take it easy. There wasn’t much shade so I used landmarks to run. My pain was less than earlier and my pace was a little faster. My legs were nowhere near 100 percent but I was determined to reach 150 miles for the month. When the water bottles on my fuel belt were empty, I decided to head back. When I stopped my app and looked at my total, I realized I was .05 away from my goal. Everyone knows what I did. I got that .05 and did the 150 dance.

How does one celebrate reaching such a milestone? One glass of wine and twenty five minutes in fire and ice Epsom salt.

Week 7 Day 3

I’m changing my training plan a bit. I’m supposed to do six miles. My body is telling me to rest. So, I’m going to listen. No running today.

Week 7 Day 4

I decided to start my day with a one mile walk to see if my legs had decided to be friends with me again. They have moved from hating to just disliking me. I should be able to do my five miles tomorrow. I have 14 on Saturday and 18 next Saturday. It’s all downhill from there. I will certainly try a different recovery after the 18 miles. Ice bath city. And it should also help that I’m attending a street festival so I will get to continue to stretch my legs soon after. I also intend to do a recovery walk on Sunday and Epsom salt if I feel any discomfort.

What did I learn from completing that crazy mileage? I have reconfirmed that I have NO desire to do a marathon. Do I think I could do 26.2? Absolutely!!! But I can only imagine the recovery for that distance. No thanks. 13.1 is enough for me.

Week 7 Day 5

Nothing has gone according to my training plan this week. But, today I actually exceeded my training miles. My goal was to swap my five miles meant for today with my fourteen for tomorrow. That almost happened. I went to the treadmill. I knew that The Amazing Race would keep me company. When I took my hiatus from tv, I had missed a few shows. It was nice to watch a show about a race while I was running. I’ve always wanted to go on the show and race around the world. The only reason I’ve not submitted the paperwork is because I couldn’t find a suitable partner. I think that has changed now. I’m going to make Kat watch it next week when she visits and see if she’d like to go with me.

The run went well. My discomfort was at a 1. I ran during the show and walked during commercials. When Amazing Race went off, I turned to a show I used to watch often; America’s Next Top Model. I realized that the commercials for this show was longer so I just ran until I was ready to stop. After over two hours on the ‘mill, I had completed over eleven miles for the day.

I was happy to come in the house to stretch and enjoy a low fat chocolate milk. During my stretches, I added a few yoga poses and was excited that I executed a perfect tree pose. After the stretching, came the ice bath. It was cold, yet refreshing. When I put my pajamas on, I decided to elevate my legs. Keys see how I feel tomorrow.

Note to self. When I realized Tuesday that the pavement was a struggle, I wish it had crossed my mind to try the softer surface of the treadmill. Tomorrow, I’m trying the pavement again.

Week 7 Day 6

It’s always nice to explore new territory to run. Sharon and I took to the pavement at Upward Sports Complex. I had been told that the perimeter of the building would give me a perfect 5k. We didn’t quite follow the course and ended up on a private road that gave us great inclines and three beautiful lake front homes to view. I wondered who lived there, if they gave out the good candy for Halloween and how amazing Christmas decorations could look.

We didn’t do much running, but we did get in five miles.

I liked the course and I know I’ll go again to get in some hill training. Running there will be a challenge, but when I put my mind to tackling it…..it’s going to be awesome!

Three Days, Three Cities

Week 4/12 Day 1

Today’s run calls for five miles. Tomorrow I’m scheduled for eight. I tried to force nike to “allow” me to do the day 2 workout but it wouldn’t. I have an out of town meeting tomorrow and I’m off today. It’s just easier to manually switch the two. I don’t want to end up doing less tomorrow because I run out of time.
The temperature is perfect. It’s only sixty three degrees. This sure beats the almost eighty that it usually is at this time. Temperature great …. Weather, not so much. It’s raining. As much as I enjoy getting caught in a sprinkle. Unless I’ve spent money on a race or have no other option, wet outside will usually equal run inside. To the treadmill. Just me, my thoughts, the sounds of my footsteps and Pandora playing softly in the background.
I was going at a steady pace that I felt comfortable doing. At mile six, something tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey lady, you just did eleven two days ago. Slow it down a little.” Intending to complete this training injury free, I took this as an opportunity to slow it down a little. I still finished in my intended amount of time. And yay. Shorter run tomorrow.

Week 4 Day 2

I was happy to have a shorter run on schedule today. I woke up at the hotel to use the very small fitness center. There was one treadmill, one elliptical and one bike. I was glad I got there when I did to claim the treadmill. Ten minutes after I started someone else came in with the look that suggested they wished they had come in earlier. In the cramped space, the room got hot very quickly. Two miles in, I was soaking wet. I was happy with the effort I was exerting but I knew I wouldn’t last long in the heat. Two miles shorter than I was supposed to complete, but I did what I could in the environment.

Week 4 Day 3

I woke up in a different state for the third consecutive day. I was exhausted and had decided that I’d only run if my body woke me up naturally early enough to get in five miles. That didn’t happen.
When I did wake up, I got dressed and headed to Fort Gordon to see my son at MEPS before his departure to the Navy. It was a long morning. We were able to see him swear in and get on the bus to go to the airport. After the bus rounded the corner, we had a three hour drive home.
We knew that he would be allowed to call upon his arrival so sleep didn’t come easy as we waited for the phone to ring. He finally called at 1230.

Week 4 Day 4

I’m still exhausted and the sleep that I did get was poor. I’m a little down because I am now double digit miles behind in my training plan. Playing make up in the next three days is going to be interesting.
I didn’t feel like driving to the trail even though the weather was perfect for an outdoor run. Instead, I went for another spin on the treadmill. I decided I’d walk my miles today and take some time to think about the events of he past few days. I’ll probably need to add an evening run in order to get the mileage I need. But it’s ok. This will give me the opportunity to start and end my day with time to reflect.
I got in six miles and Nike cheated me. It only read 3.55 miles. I hate it when that happens. I’ll just send an email and ask them to adjust it.
I did add a second run in the evening. I got home for work to change. For some reason it took forever. My wonderful significant other went as well to walk while I ran. I hadn’t realized how much time had changed nor fully come to terms that summer and late sunlight were actually over. My first mile was one of my fastest in a while as I tried to hurry to beat the darkness. I wasn’t properly geared for a night run. My clothes were too dark and the only reflective gear I had were the strips on my fuel belt. Although there was no sun, there was an abundance of humidity. My chest was on fire and the sweat pouring into my eyes burned. When I reached the turnaround, I took a short walk break and convinced myself I’d run until we met. Life aligned and it happened sooner than later. We made eye contact and then I heard a voice saying, “If you want to run faster, you have to run. That looks like walking to me.” I scowled and actually got mad for a minute. Part of me wanted to enjoy the last mile in a lovey dovey couple stroll, but the other part of me was happy to have a supportive and understanding person in my life. So, I picked up the pace and ran most of the way to the car.
I need to start taking my clothes to work to change so I’ll have more daylight….at least for the next three weeks.

Week 4 Day 5

This morning’s run was great minus one thing. I became THAT race director who strategically placed the hills in the worst place, just at that point when your legs wanted a break. The bad thing is, I could’ve and should’ve done the hills first when I was still fresh. I’ll be changing that route next time. 5.5 miles done. I believe this was my fastest run over five miles since training started. #winning

Week 4 Day 6

Another morning of part inside, part outside training. It’s not the most horrible thing in the world. The biggest problem with being inside besides the fact that I prefer to be outside is that the GPS signal is often weak and I lose some of my miles. I noticed this happen before I reached my sixth mile. I had just finished a victory chant for completing an eight minute mile and had actually picked up my pace but my app had yet to announce my next mile completion. I looked down and the time was going but the mileage was not. I wanted to cry. Instead, I decided it was time (even though the sun wasn’t quite up) to go outside.
I drove .5 miles to get to my running path. I jumped out of the car still pumped. I felt strong and knew I could finish sooner than anticipated. At mile nine I began to feel a little fatigued. I thought I heard someone yell, “Only a 5k to go!” I hate when people say that during races. But I kept going. Not that I had a choice, my car was three miles away. At 9.5, I was out of water. I ran into the gas station an filled up my water bottles. When I tried to pay, the lady at the register gave me a thumbs up and told me there was no charge. After I finished my run, I went into the grocery store for granola, yogurt and chocolate milk.
Another double digit run in the books.

I RUN This City….like a princess. Snow Day!

I’m in Georgia and the lovely city of Atlanta has been shut down due to freezing rain and icy conditions. As much as I complain about the hills, right now I’d take them. The weather outside is frightful and the treadmill won’t be delightful. Skating across the parking lots I go, darn this cold, darn this ice, darn this snow. I didn’t feel like going but I was inspired to get off of my behind when the male child walked by my door dressed in his workout attire. This kid has heart and determination. He’s trying to meet a weight requirement to join the military and he’s working diligently to make it happen. The picture of him from a year ago and now is a split screen you’d see on Biggest Loser.

Walking down the stairs was a challenge. I held on to the railing for dear life. My biggest fear was that I’d fall and twist my ankle. Once we got to the bottom, there was just enough snow covering the ice to make it less slick. .16 miles to the fitness center according to Nike+. He asked if I would mind if he played his music aloud. I tuned it out after the first few minutes. It was nice seeing all the dogs through the window. It seemed as if everyone decided to come out at the same time. As the sky turned dark, my mind wandered to so many places during the run. At one point, I noticed him glance at me. I think he was secretly racing me. It was cool though because I was secretly racing him.

Five miles later and we were finished. Florida, sunshine, warmth; I can’t wait to join you.

13.1 – on the ‘mill

Do I I wait and hope for the sun? Or do I go now and get it over with? This was my dilemma as the thought of twelve miles on the treadmill was dreadful. The weather forecast promised sunshine and great running temperature for outside running later in the day. After an hour of deliberation I finally convinced myself to seize the moment. Good or bad weather, I knew the longer I waited, the harder it would be.

I set my intervals on 5:55/:55 and set out to conquer the feat ahead if me. This morning the tv made for great company, as I listened to a few sermons. The first hour went by quickly. When the clock on the treadmill got to ninety one minutes, I got a little excited. I knew the machine only went to 99:99. The thought of “outrunning” the treadmill made me smile. After resetting the ‘mill, time seemed to go slower and slower. I was hot. The tv was no longer keeping me entertained. I was just ready to be done.

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, I got some electronic words of encouragement from my running buddies.

A strange thing happened at 13.1 miles. I wanted to keep going. I stopped my watch to record my time and proceeded to do my cool down. Fifteen on the treadmill. This princess is ready!

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Week 12

Day 1 – To say I’m longing for some sign of spring would be an understatement. I think my feet have forgotten what the pavement feels like. I’m glad I have access to a treadmill but I’m ready to let the cool air caress my face without my eyelids freezing and my hair being covered in ice. Warm weather…..I’ll be waiting.

Day 2 – It’s 9 degrees and the rest of the week doesn’t look much warmer. It’s cold and raining. This weather is better suited for pajamas, snacks, chick flicks and my favorite blanket. But none of that for me. I must tackle this long run since it’s my only day off. Once again I’m going to be boo loving with the treadmill…..for 11 miles.

I dressed in a black running skirt and racer back tee. I know it’s going to take me about two hours, but it will get done. In my mind, I’m psyched and ready to go. My mantra today is “the treadmill is my friend.”

I’ve been doing quite a bit of my training in Georgia and every time I’m there, I have to give myself a pep talk about the hills. I turn on music, I count cars, I pray…..whatever it takes to get through. But today, I discovered I like the hills more than I hate them. Those hill runs made this run doable.
My splits (1)8:52, (2)9:40, (3)9:58, (4)9:29, (5)9:37, (6)10:25, (7)10:10, (8)9:35, (9)10:22, (10)10:16, ten miles with all splits under 10:30, (11)12:07(walked for cool down).

It was tough-really tough, but I did it and I didn’t hate it!

Now, the trek from the fitness center to the house when the freezing cold hit my sweaty skin, that was a different story. Even after eleven miles, that short run was pretty fast.

Mirror Mirror

Tuesday, May 29

Today the sky opened up just as i was ready to run with the girls.  I decided not to go, not because I didn’t want to get wet.  I love the rain!  But I didn’t want to get there to find out the run was cancelled.  I looked at my run guide and decided I’d do the workout at the gym.  I was already dressed.  I just had to walk over.  I was determined not to let the weather hinder me.  So I downloaded the app on my ipad, grabbed my umbrella and went to meet my workout on the treadmill. 

The thing I liked about today’s run were the mirrors.  I watched my form and it looked good.  I checked out my hair and although drenced in sweat, my natural culrs were looking pretty good too.  The thing I liked more than what I saw in the mirror than the things I thought looked good was my smile….an indication that I also felt good.  That feeling alone that I got from my reflection in the mirror was worth missing the group run-today. The miles were down today.  It was hot and sweaty in that gym.  But I got in 1.5 miles.