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Judge a book by its cover

Today’s Assignment.  Looking at the cover of a book, write a synopsis telling about the book.  Everyone had the same cover.  But no one  told the same story….or the same story that the actual author told.

Charlotte Merryweather was a free spirited young girl who threw caution to the wind.  She took life one breath at a time and cherished the freedom she had in her yellow beetle named Sunshine.  Charlotte always kept a change of clothes in the trunk, snacks in the dashboard and several pair of shoe in the back seat.  Charlotte walked to her own beat until she met someone who knocked her socks off.  No, literally knocked her socks off when he ran into the back of good ole Sunshine.  Charlotte loses her memory and then leaves her current boyfriend for the man who hits her.  Fast forward ten years.  Charlotte is still with the man who hits her car but she has just been rear ended by another man and her memory comes back.  Ironically, the person who hits her is the man she was dating when she was hit the first time.  What life will Charlotte choose?

~Participant #1

This novel is about a lady who is a professional during the day and a street walker in the night.  Miss Merryweather is a single mother of four.  She is struggling to support her home.  Charlotte has two different lives as a mother and a street walker until she meets a good looking man named Mr. Darcy.  Her new beau has no idea of her “other” life until Charlotte is raped and beaten by a pimp. Mr. Darcy professes his love for Charlotte with a marriage proposal.  But the proposal comes with conditions…..

~Participant #2

Charlotte Merryweather was born to a teenage mother.  She was given up for adoption and lived a very deprived childhood.  Destined not to become a victim of her situation, Charlotte decided that as soon as she was able to get out she would live her life and not let life live her.  By day, Miss Merryweather worked for a high fashion magazine.  She interviewed designers from all over the world.  But her passion was opening doors for the unknowns.  She looked high and low for young designers who were from small towns with passion but few opportunities.  Most of these unknowns that were featured in her magazine became well sought after.  She was always at the top of her game.  A diva, a fashionista.  By night, Charlotte was a laid back introvert.  She worked part time at a local bakery, even though her earnings at the magazine were more than enough to take care of her expenses.  People that visited this bakery weren’t much into high fashion so they didn’t know who she really was.  What happens when one of her feature designers enters the bakery and realizes that Charlotte is Miss Merryweather?

~Partcipant #3


Imagine if you could go back ten years and meet yourself, would you recognize her?  What advice would you give her?  For Charlotte Merryweather, there’s no need to imagine.  She’s about to find out for real…with some surprising consequences.  The Two Lives of Charlotte Merryweather is a deliciously charming romantic comedy that looks at life, love, and what might happen if you could turn back time at the wheel of a Volkswagon Beetle.

~Alexandra Potter – The Author