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Welcome Friends

Thank you for visiting my website. I remember the first day the page went live. I was super excited and had lots of plans for what this page would be. I would discuss my books ("HIGH On Love & Addiction" and "The Other Side of Joy") and keep you all informed of events surrounding the two titles. I have had the opportunity to visit book clubs and literary events in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. I have hosted multi author book signings, conducted writing workshops and I have become quite fond of blogging.The website has changed its face a few times; partially to stay fresh and partially to keep up with my changing look. 


The original page showed me with long, straight hair. Although I have not chemically altered the texture of my hair since 2007, it wasn't until a few years ago that I also stopped regularly applying heat to straighten it. I decided it was time to be more authentically and more naturally....ME!I'm doing a great deal less with my books. I do, however; still visit book club meetings when they choose one of my titles to read. My love for writing still lives abundantly inside me. 


My topics are just slightly different these days. When I published the first book, I knew I wanted to publish a total of five books (all different genres). Nonfiction and poetry are done. More to come."Yesterday is behind. Tomorrow has yet to arrive. Today is a new day and victory will be mine. Claim this day a success!" ~ AJBowden